Bedlam predictions from Small Business Saturday in Yukon

Red, white, orange and black mix on Main Street

Wearing bright orange at Small Business Saturday in Yukon was Billie Warsop, who says OSU will win by seven. (Photo by Robert Medley)

The shoppers on Main Street wore plenty of crimson and cream and orange and black in Yukon for Small Business Saturday.

Not all business owners wanted to wear the colors of the teams. Paul Carpenter had a reflective green vest at Ace Hardware Yukon, 405 W. Main Street.

The City of Yukon participated in the nationwide Small Business Saturday, and local shopping was promoted.

“It’s been pretty good so far this morning,” Carpenter said Saturday on the sidewalk near an American flag and Ace wheelbarrows. “As it warms up it will get a little better.”

He admits his pick for the football game between the Sooners and the Cowboys leans toward Oklahoma State University winning. The game is unpredictable, he said, and he can remember many times OSU wasn’t suppose to win but did.

Paul Carpenter, of Ace Hardware in Yukon, welcomed OU and OSU fans on Small Business Saturday. (Photo by Robert Medley)

There were prizes and promotions at participating businesses.

Wearing red was Cody Caldwell with his wife Caitlyn. Caitlyn has a booth called Karma Fashion Company in the Main Street Marketplace, 429 W. Main Street.

Cody and Caitlyn Cardwell of Yukon have a booth at Main Street Marketplace on Small Business Saturday. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Cody Caldwell said, “OU wins for sure. “Don’t know an exact score. Don’t want to get too far into it,” Caldwell said.

During the morning hours, one of the brightest orange T-shirt on Main Street was worn by Yukon resident Billie Warsop. The shirt read, “God said He would lead you beside STILLWATER NOT Norman.”

Warsop explained why she likes to shop locally on Small Business Saturday.

“I like to support Yukon,” Warsop said.

She said OSU will win by seven points.


Working at her bakery, Vladislava “Lori” Polaskova  said she does not know much about American football, or who would win the game. But her partner Devin Tenney, has a favorite. He wore an OU ballcap on Saturday. He said he might even watch part of the game at Vladislova’s Bakery & Cafe during the early evening.

Tenney said OU will score 30 and OSU will score 10 Saturday.

Polaskova said she knows more about what is known as soccer in American, and hockey in her native country, Czechoslovakia.

Devin Tenney and Vladislava Polaskova open for Small Business Saturday Vladislava’s Czech Backery & Cafe. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Shoppers were encouraged to stop by the Yukon Main Street office, 528 W Main just west of Yukon City Hall, to pick up gifts and enjoy refreshments. The office was open from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday.

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