Yukon school board race set

Candidate files to run against incumbent

YPS Board Vice President Leonard Wells

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Yukon School Board Vice President Leonard Wells drew a challenger to the seat for Office Two, and an election date is ahead.

A race between Wells and Paul Gerber will be on Tuesday, April 5, the Canadian County Election Board reported Thursday morning.

Paul Gerber, Yukon School Board Office Two candidate.

The filing period for the five-year term on the school board was Monday through Wednesday at the election board office in El Reno.

In a statement released on social media, Gerber said after several months of thinking about running “off and on,” he decided to run for the seat.

“Friends and acquaintances of mine know my position on a lot of political topics, personal freedoms and responsibilities.”

He said he has been happily married to “an awesome Christian woman” for over 20 years. Gerber said he is a chemical engineer by profession with 20 years of oil and gas industry experience.

His background is also in data analytics and finance.

“I get excited about science and math with a passion to teach and instruct the younger generation about the importance of those topics as a foundation to become great problem solvers in society,” Gerber stated. “I want to see that from the students in our schools.”

Gerber said he has lived in Yukon since 2002. He has six children which four of them have gone through the YPS system. He has 10 grandchildren.

“My life is quite busy and entertaining to say the least. Children…they are important for our future and for this country. Education is key. These beliefs have prompted me to run and to sit on the school board.”
“I firmly believe that the school board of any district should always be the voice of the parents. They should have the interests of the parents and their children as their top priority.”

Gerber said he attended a school board meeting in June, and he saw that there was a definite disconnect between the board and the parents.

“My goal is to bridge that gap. Be more interactive with the parents. Have civil discourse while discussing important topics. The parents of the children in our schools are the ones that elected and trust the board members to make wise decisions; about safety, health and how our children can excel in school to the best of their ability.”

Wells, 1425 Spring Creek Drive, Yukon, filed for the seat Monday and Gerber filed Wednesday afternoon, an election board official said.

Wells has been on the Yukon School Board since 2012, serving two five-year terms.

Gerber lists his address as 725 Kingston Drive, Yukon.

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