Yukon streets will be restriped in phases

Public works director outlines proposed multi-year project

Arnold Adams

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A four-phase plan has been proposed to restripe Yukon city streets.

Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams recently presented the proposal to city council members.

The current plan is to restripe streets, as needed, over four fiscal years – Phase one (2021-22), phase two (2022-23), phase three (2023-24), and phase four (2024-25).

The plan calls for $50,000 in capital improvement funds to be spent for each phase of the street striping project. The city council will hire a contractor to perform the work.

Yukon City Council Member Jeff Wootton

Yukon City Council Member Jeff Wootton asked whether it would be better to have a shorter cycle to restripe streets so critical areas are addressed sooner.

Adams said yes – if funding is available.

Although the amount of striping needed depends on the road, Yukon’s public works director said it typically costs about $25,000 to stripe one mile.

The plan calls for $50,000 in capital improvement funds to be spent for each phase of the striping project. Here is the current proposal:

PHASE ONE (2021-22)

  • E Vandament starting at State Highway 4 going east to the city limits
  • Intersection of Cornwell and N.W. 10th east to Yukon Parkway
  • N.W. 10th from Shedeck Parkway west to the city limits

“We have projected we have $50,000 in the capital budget for this (fiscal) year to complete these projects,” Adams said. “We typically restripe streets in the spring. We don’t want to do it right now and have snowplows blade it all off.”

PHASE TWO (2022-23)

  • Yukon Parkway from Wagner Road south to SH-4/Ranchwood
  • W Vandament from Garth Brooks Boulevard to the vicinity of 1901 W Vandament

PHASE THREE (2023-24)

  • Garth Brooks Boulevard from State Highway 66 south to N.W. 10th

PHASE FOUR (2024-25)

  • Holly Avenue from Poplar to N.W. 10th
  • Health Center Parkway and West End Pointe Drive to N.W. 10th
  • Shedeck Parkway to N.W. 10th
  • Lakeshore Drive from Yukon Parkway to the city limits

Adams, at the Nov. 7th council work session, shared a color-coded map showing which areas in the City of Yukon would be done during each phase of this four-phase project.

The public works director also offered photos showing current conditions of the striping on several key Yukon streets. The pictures indicate how the painted striping has worn away in many places, making it challenging for motorists.

After seeing the photos, Mayor Shelli Selby shared concerns about waiting as much as four more years to restripe some of the roads.

“That’s scary, because it’s dangerous as it is,” Selby said.

Funding is the problem, Adams responded.

“We’ve tried to have a five-year cycle, but we haven’t done any significant striping since 2019 because of funding issues,” he said.

A City of Yukon contractor this May restriped a busy section of N.W. 10th from Cornwell west to Shedeck Parkway. Part of this new striping was paid by Charlie’s Car Wash, which had recently opened at the southwest corner of 10th and Cornwell in Oklahoma City limits.

In June 2019, a contractor painted new striping along about two miles of two other well-traveled city streets – Vandament and Cornwell. That cost about $50,000.

To close his Nov. 7th presentation, Adams showed photos of upgraded striping on a newly paved stretch of 11th Street north of SH-66 (Main Street). The lines are clearly marked.

“Our overall goal is for our whole city to look like that,” he told the city council. “The picture doesn’t do it justice.

“It’s new asphalt, new striping. That’s what we’d love the city to look like.”