Two Yukon streets due new striping

Council approves $50K for sections of N.W. 10th, Vandament

Arnold Adams

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Two well-traveled Yukon city streets have earned “new stripes”.

The Yukon City Council has approved spending $50,000 for pavement striping on three street sections:

  • N.W. 10th from S Cornwell to Yukon Parkway;
  • Vandament Avenue from the Union Pacific Railroad crossing to east city limits; and
  • N.W. 10th from Shedeck Parkway to Professional Circle

Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams recommended that Action Safety Supply Co. restripe these streets “for the amount not to exceed $50,000.”

“This striping is part of the 2021-22 striping plans that were proposed to council on Dec. 7, 2021,” Adams wrote in a Dec. 10th memo to the city council.

At the council’s Dec. 7th work session, Yukon’s public works director presented a multi-phase plan to restripe city streets over the next four fiscal years.

The plan calls for $50,000 in capital improvement funds to be spent for each phase of the street striping project.



Adams on Dec. 7 told council members that streets are typically striped in the spring because of the risk that snowplows could damage the new paint.

However, Yukon City Manager Tammy Kretchmar on Dec. 21 said the work will be pushed up.

“We’re going to go ahead and do it now,” Kretchmar said.

Although the amount of striping needed depends on the road, it typically costs about $25,000 to stripe one mile.

Plans call for $50,000 in capital improvement funds to be spent for each phase of the striping project.

The public works director on Dec. 7 shared photos with city council members showing current conditions of striping on several main Yukon roadways.

The pictures indicate how painted striping has worn away in many places, making it difficult for motorists to see the lines.