Canadian County Sheriff endorses Carol Hefner for OKC mayor

Residents of Oklahoma City in Canadian County can vote Feb. 8

Canadian County Sheriff Chris West

Carol Hefner, Oklahoma City mayoral candidate, has been endorsed by Canadian County Sheriff Chris West, Hefner has announced.

West is a fifth-generation Oklahoman and lifelong resident of Canadian County. He served in the United States Marine Corps and later served 28 years with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

In a video message, West said, “Hi, I’m Chris West, and it’s my honor to support Carol Hefner for mayor of Oklahoma City because she is committed to making the public safety needs of Oklahoma City residents living in Canadian County a top priority, and that is extremely important to me. Carol is a no-nonsense, Christian conservative who loves and supports the United States Constitution and everything that means.”

Hefner said, “Conservatives need true leadership to support the public safety needs of Oklahoma City residents, and with Sheriff West’s support, I know our movement can get there. We cannot allow nonsense policies from Washington D.C. to get in the way of local leadership.”

Hefner, a Republican, said, “That is why I’m taking a stand against the Democrats and RINOs, (Republicans in Name Only) who have made it clear they don’t have the best interests of everyday Oklahomans, including RINO Mayor Holt.”

The nonpartisan, primary election for Oklahoma City mayor is Tuesday, Feb. 8.

West said, “Carol’s about freedom and liberty. Carol is a person of high integrity and true leadership and wants to serve her fellow citizens in Oklahoma City. Vote for Carol Hefner on Feb. 8, and let’s put an awesome person in office who we can be proud to call mayor.”

Other candidates include incumbent Mayor David Holt, Jimmy Lawson, and Frank Urbanic.

Lawson is a professor and friend of death row inmate Julius Jones. Urbanic is a defense attorney. If the winner of the Feb. 8 general election earns a majority of the votes, the candidate will be sworn-in for a four-year term as mayor in April. If no candidate receives a majority, the two candidates with the most votes will stand in a decisive runoff election April 5. 

All registered voters in Oklahoma City are eligible to cast ballots. Parts of eastern, central and southern Canadian County are in Oklahoma City limits.

Parts of Oklahoma City wards one, three and eight are inside Canadian County borders with about 45,000 voters in those wards.

There are an estimated 52,000 Oklahoma City residents in Canadian County, and the population continues to grow with development and new housing additions.