Laser relief

Treatments offered in Yukon area barber shop tap into latest technology

Rachel Hatfield, who has opened the Advanced Regeneration MedSpa inside her barber shop near southeast Yukon, offers the latest in advanced laser treatment to relive chronic pain and other ailments. Hatfield demonstrated how the laser works recently. (Photo by Robert Medley)  

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Rachel Hatfield says she has yet to hear from any of her clients who say the laser treatment for their pain didn’t work.

It has been a year since she opened the Advanced Regeneration MedSpa inside her barber shop, The Rusty Razor, 1312 S. Morgan Road near the southeast side of Yukon. Her clients have been satisfied with the results, she said.

She demonstrated how the Phoenix Thera-Lase worked on a sore elbow.

“It is for pain relief, like strained muscles, some chronic pain like knee injuries. It helps for that. I had a guy who had pulled a muscle at work, and it was tightening and clenching up tight. And he came in for a treatment and then the next morning he said it was 10 times better after only one treatment,” Hatfield said.
She said the laser stimulates cells to promote healing “so the body heals itself,” she explained.

“It improves circulation and fights inflammation,” Hatfield said.

The treatment is affordable, she said, only $35.


Hatfield grew up in Luther and has lived in the Yukon area about a decade, she said.

Rachel Hatfield demonstrates the Phoenix Thera-Lase laser treatment for chronic pain and other ailments offered at her barber shop, The Rusty Razor, 1312 S. Morgan Road.. (Photo by Robert Medley)

“I just want to help people feel better. That’s my number one goal,” Hatfield said.

She is a licensed barber whose shop is in the Westbury Plaza. She is in her first year of using the laser treatments for clients.

The treatments can help with migraines, neuropathy, poor circulation, “Even just general headaches, all kinds of stuff,’ Hatfield said. Other conditions the laser treatment helps are scar tissue, post-operative conditions, soft tissue injuries and wound care.

 Those who want to make an appointment can call Hatfield at 405-850-1873.