The second coming of Elvis (Peacock)

Son of famous OU football player manages area Red Lobster restaurant

Elvis Peacock II is the son of the 1970s OU football running back, Elvis Peacock. Peacock II stands in front of the Red Lobster restaurant where he is the general manager at the location near Quail Springs Mall. (Photo by Robert Medley)

Editor’s Note: Yukon Progress publisher Randy K. Anderson has been working to bring a Red Lobster restaurant location to Yukon. He recently met a general manager at one Red Lobster location in the area with a recognizable name and at a spot frequented often by Canadian County customers. Here is the behind-the-scenes story.

By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

Living with a famous name is a part of life for Elvis Peacock II.

His father, a famous OU football player, carries the name of someone famous too, Elvis, as in Elvis Presley the singer.

Elvis Peacock II is now making a name for himself in the restaurant business in Oklahoma City.

Elvis Peacock II, 40, is the son of the University of Oklahoma football legend Elvis Peacock, and is the general manager at the Red Lobster, 2625 W. Memorial Road, near Quail Springs Mall in north Oklahoma City.

Peacock II said he fields questions about his dad’ OU and NFL football career about “once a day” at least.


There are customers at the Red Lobster location who commute from the Yukon and Piedmont areas, Peacock II said.

“We’re not too far away. And we try to have a nice home environment. And so, a lot of times with people going to Mercy (Health) nearby or if they are coming to work around here, then a lot of people come in to either dine for lunch or they get something to go, but yes, we see quite a few people from the Piedmont and Yukon area,” Peacock II said.

Peacock II grew up in Norman. But it wasn’t until the second grade that he even learned his dad had been an OU player.

Peacock Sr. was a standout Sooner halfback from 1974 to 1977 under Coach Barry Switzer on two National Championship teams, ’74 and ‘75. He played two years as a Los Angeles Ram and then played for the Cincinnati Bengals after his OU days. Peacock II was just a baby when his father’s football days ended. And dad did not talk to his young son about football until he was asked.

Peacock Sr. was from Miami, Florida, and after going from OU into the pros, he moved back to Norman when his pro career ended. Peacock Sr. lives in Miami, Florida today.

Peacock II talked about his early memories of his father, sitting down on a recent day before the lunch rush at Red Lobster.

Elvis Peacock played for two national championship teams at OU in the 1970s. (Photo courtesy of OU Athletics)

“It’s funny because growing up I did not know that my dad played football,” Peacock II said. “It wasn’t until I was in the second grade when my teacher told me that my dad played football and had played professionally.”

The son of the Sooner star did not play sports himself.

His father did not push it, either.

“He (Elvis Sr.) is just very humble. And that is what I remember about him. And he is a hard worker. He always told me to work hard for your dreams but have a backup plan for when you wake up,” Peacock II said.

“He was always working. He worked in a factory at a food shipping company. So that is what I thought he did. But my second-grade teacher told me he played for OU and professionally and I was like, ‘Your crazy.’ I went home and asked my mom and lo and behold my mom pulled out all this OU paraphernalia and some Rams stuff,” Peacock II said.

He asked dad about those football days.

“I talked to my dad about it, and he said that he played, and he said it was a part of his life, but it was not who he was now. So, that is what I remember,” Peacock II said.

Instead of sports, Peacock II grew up playing music. He learned the violin.

In 2022, the Peacock name continues to be recognized in Oklahoma City.

How often do customers at Red Lobster connect Peacock II with his dad when he wears his name tag.

“At least once a day, if not once a day, then more. And I try to text my dad whenever I can because he still gets a kick out of it that he is still remembered,” Peacock II said. “A lot of our seasoned guests know him, but every now and then I know there are some younger kids who come in and know the name as well. It’s fun to reminisce and talk about that stuff because he was a good football player. And like I said, just super humble.”

The story behind the name Elvis comes from his grandmother who loved the gospel music of Elvis Presley, and she named her son Elvis Sr., after Presley.

“My dad was named after Elvis Presley in a way. The name Elvis means all-knowing and wise, and she, (grandmother) wanted strong names for all her kids. Whenever it came time for me to be born my mother did not want me to be named Elvis. She thought I’d be picked on. But my dad wanted to carry the name on. I’ve been blessed by it. It is a great conversation starter. People recognize the name and it’s been good to me,” Peacock II said.

Peacock II has a 1950s Elvis hairstyle, but Peacock II was influenced more by his dad’s love of classical and jazz music, not rock and roll.

“I got a love for music. So, I played violin and piano and helped worship at my church. I went the musical route. I didn’t play any sports,” Peacock II said.

“I taught myself piano and guitar, so I am not great at it, but it helps out when we worship at church,” Peacock II said.

He held a lobster up from the tank in the lobby, then put it back as the lobster’s tail flipped and slapped his forearm.

Elvis Peacock II, is the son of the famous OU football player, Elvis Peacock. Peacock II holds a lobster at Red Lobster near Quail Springs Mall where Peacock II is the general manager. (Photo by Robert Medley)

At Red Lobster, Peacock II talked about the deals through the My Red Lobster Rewards program, he added.

“It’s the biggest thing that anyone can do to get on top of what is going on at the restaurant,” he said.

He mentioned the 3 from The Sea meal special.

“There is a large variety of food you can choose. There are a lot of different deals and promotions that we give through the Red Lobster app.

Go online to find out more at or download the Red Lobster app, Red Lobster Rewards.