Canadian County Commissioners OK $338K security camera contract

Court clerk’s office will use separate vendor, cover its $28K cost

Dave Anderson

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A contract has been formally approved to install high-quality security cameras at Canadian County government buildings.

Canadian County has agreed to pay $338,480.63 to DIGI Security Systems to provide and install a new video surveillance system at Canadian County campuses.

Canadian County Commissioners made it official at their Jan. 18th meeting by voting 3-0 to approve the contract.

“The $338,000 cost will be broken down between the county general fund for the county buildings (including district shops),” County Commission Chairman Dave Anderson said.

“The sheriff (Chris West) has agreed to pay for the cost related to the annex, the garage and the other locations where he operates.”

Canadian County sheriff’s Lt. Mike Grimes previously recommended commissioners award the project to DIGI Security Systems on state contract.

DIGI Security Systems will provide the surveillance camera package for $321,740.63 and improved lighting around county facilities for $16,740.

The vendor will replace Canadian County’s existing security cameras, many of which provide low-quality video.

Grimes explained Canadian County’s new video surveillance system will feature high-megapixel cameras, many of which will cover 360 degrees. Outside cameras will be infrared to help in low-light areas.

A remote monitoring station will be placed at the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.

Video will be stored up to 60 days so any Canadian County department can review footage later for investigative purposes, Grimes noted.



The Canadian County Court Clerk’s Office has a watch dog security system at the county juvenile center. The court clerk’s main office is inside the Canadian County Courthouse.

Court Clerk Marie Hirst offered to pay the $28,065 cost using her office’s funds if another vendor provides this system.

“The company I had met with was Apprentice, one of the parties that gave a quote,” Hirst explained. “Their quote for my office was a little over $1,000 what DIGI Security bid.”

Canadian County’s court clerk wants to use the same company to provide and maintain the security camera equipment at her offices so that “it all talks together.”

“I was guaranteed by Apprentice that they would be able to connect what cameras you wanted the sheriff’s office to have access to,” Hirst told commissioners.

County commissioners agreed to “split out” the court clerk since this project was awarded through state contract – and that includes Apprentice.

“Since it’s all state contract, we can add to it or take away as we need to,” Undersheriff Kevin Ward said. “I think there’s a lot of flexibility in it.”