The speediest babies in town

Results of Yukon Baby Crawl, Toddler Trot released

Andrew Monteiro, 7 months old, grins as he approaches the finish line at the Baby Crawl and Toddler Trot. Even though he’s only been walking for about a month, he crawled away with a first place win in his heat at a time of 1:44. (Photo by Cara Pattison)

By Cara Pattison
Contributing Writer

Speed Racer has nothing on the babies at Saturday’s Annual Yukon Baby Crawl and Toddler Trot. Hosted by Yukon Park and Recreation and held at the Yukon Community Center, the event drew in some of the speediest babies in town.

With a racecar theme, a straight-line speed track was set-up like a road with four lanes of traffic for babies to compete. At the end of each lane was a spot for loved ones to lure the babies in for a first, second or third place trophy and a year’s worth of bragging rights around the playground.


Mom, dads, and siblings crouched down and lured their little ones towards the finish line with the draw of keys, iPhones, baby bottles, favorite blankets, and stuffed animals. This proved to be more than the babies could resist, as many made their way across the mat towards their loved ones.

Little cutie Wrenley Foster, 12 months-old, waves at her mom and grandma as she pauses on the Baby Crawl racetrack. (Photo by Cara Pattison)

“My Andrew started crawling about a month ago, so I thought I’d bring him to come join the fun,” mom Lauren Monteiro said. Andrew’s speediness ended up with him bringing home the first place trophy for the 6-9 Month Heat with a time of 1:44.

And while some babies, like Andrew, took the straight track, others drifted into other lanes, took an early pit stop in the middle, or just couldn’t get their motor started.

“We just moved here from Texas a few months ago, and were enticed to come here and get involved in our new community and have some fun on a weekend,” mom Kayla Gutierrez said. Her daughter, Kayleigh, won first place in the 10-14 Month Heat with a time of 1:38.

And fun was the name of the game, new Yukon Parks and Recreation Director Chris Lucas said.

“We at Yukon Parks and Recreation think it is important to have events that showcase our department at all ages and stages – from six months of age to the winter of life. The Baby Crawl and Toddler Trot is great fun for the babies and those watching. It brings smiles and joy!”

New Yukon resident Mavis Jimenez, 8 months-old, is all smiles with her third place trophy that she won at the Yukon Parks and Recreation Baby Crawl and Toddler Trot. (Photo by Cara Pattison)
Luke Copeland, 12 months-old, and his parents, from left, Leah and Jonathan Copeland, have a moment of victory at the finish line after he finished fourth place in his heat at the Baby Crawl with a time of 2:00. (Photo by Cara Pattison)


Babies crawling (or walking) away with trophies and a year’s worth of joyous bragging rights included:

Heat 1: Ages 6-9 Months

1st Place, Andrew Monteiro with a time of 1:44

2nd Place, Adalynn Smith with a time of 1:52

3rd Place, Mavis Jimenez with a time of 3:05

Heat 2: Ages 10-14 Months

First, Kayleigh Gutierrez with a time of 1:38

Second Place, Annalise Vu with a time of 1:50

Third Place, Wrenley Foster with a time of 1:52

Fourth Place, Luke Copeland with a time of 2:00

Heat 3: Toddler Trot

First, second, third place, Owen Starrs with a best time of three trots in five seconds.

Mom Tram Nguyen laughs as she tries to get her one year-old daughter, Annalise, to crawl in the Baby Crawl. (Photo by Cara Pattison)
Proud papa Ethan Smith hoists his daughter, Adalynn, seven months-old, to victory after she won a second place trophy for her speediness at the Baby Crawl. (Photo by Cara Pattison)