Burn ban ends in Canadian County

Commissioners can revisit the issue if necessary

Marc Hader

 By Robert Medley

Managing Editor

A burn ban in Canadian County expired Monday morning, Jan. 31, but if it is necessary, it could be declared again.

The burn ban had been enacted by Canadian County Commissioners on Dec. 20 due to extremely dry conditions.

Kingfisher County has not had a burn ban, a county commissioner’s spokesperson said.

Fire chiefs in Geary and Piedmont had supported the ban due to the drought-like conditions.

Canadian County Commissioner Marc Hader, District One, said the ban could come back.

“We were going to kind of let it (ban) go and see if we get enough moisture to justify not needing one. If we don’t get that we can look at it again. We hope whatever moisture we get will be enough,” Hader said.


The ban expired at 9 a.m. Monday. The ban was not on the agenda at a weekly Canadian County Commissioners meeting Monday morning, Jan. 31.

Hader said county Emergency Management Director Andrew Skidmore has monitored the situation and has checked with area fire chiefs regarding the conditions.

Wildfires have been reported near Calumet and Okarche recently. A wildfire was reported near Shawnee on the east side of the metro area Monday afternoon.

A winter storm watch was issued through 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 3, with precipitation in the forecast for Canadian and Kingfisher counties.