Bug off

Dead ones don't bite

Collin Smith, owner of Baker Boys Pest Solutions, is ready to rid homes of insects, rodents or other unwanted critters. (Photo by Robert Medley)

With the weather warming up outdoors in the last month of winter, one Yukon pest control expert is preparing for all things that fly, crawl, climb or hide in unwanted places around or inside a home.

Collin Smith, 41, is the owner of Baker Boys Pest Solutions based in Yukon. Flies, mosquitoes, and ants may be bothersome to many people. While such pesky creatures might not be seen in abundance in mid-February in central Oklahoma, now is the time to start spraying or treating areas where they may hatch and breed soon, he said.

A Yukon native, Smith started his career when he worked for a large pest control company in 2007, and there he worked for 13 years.

“I eventually decided it was time to get out on my own and give the great City of Yukon good services,” Smith said.

Some of the animals he goes after in winter include gophers, rats and mice. Also, termites may be a problem in some places living in rotting wood insulated from the cold.

“This time of year, there are gophers and termites starting to come out, especially in March, April and May. Ants will be very active soon, so I offer all those services,” Smith said.

He said he does not require contracts from customers for repeat visits.


“I don’t force contracts or agreements,” Smith said. “I just come giving good, honest, reliable pest service. And the price I tell you is what I stand by.”

He does “rodent work” indoors and outdoors at residential and commercial property, he said.

“Any structure I can take care of, live trapping, attics, backyards, anything,” Smith said.

One of his more unusual calls was about a litter of six possums found inside a Yukon grocery store.

“That was pretty wild,” Smith said. “That happens.”

He also said he has come across some “pretty big-sized rats in some areas where you would not want to run into them.”

To get rid of rodents he finds where they are entering the property and then finds what those pests are getting into. Any food debris has to be removed so the unwelcomed rodents are not attracted to the place.

He uses poisons to kill rodents, he said. While some people may fear a poisoned rat might die inside a wall or in a place where it can’t be found but may make a putrid stench, they should fear not, he said. That usually won’t happen, he said.

“About 98% of the time they (rodents) eat it (poison) outside, and then they like to find a place outside where they can go and live out the rest of their time,” Smith said.

He sees scorpions in Oklahoma and other “things that are going to be around.”

He does not use any organic pesticides. “Typical pesticides are best,” Smith said.

Smith can be reached by calling 405-795-2343.

“I’m here and ready for business,” Smith said.