YNB gift helps Yukon bookworms

Hometown Yukon bank’s support boosts library’s ‘best seller’ supply

Yukon librarian Sara Schieman (right) thanks Sable Hendrix of YNB for the bank’s recent contribution to support the Mabel C. Fry Public Library, 1200 Lakeshore. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Yukon’s family-owned bank keeps on giving – this time to benefit Yukon bookworms.

Employees from all five YNB locations participate in a monthly fundraiser, choosing a different charitable cause to support each month.

Yukon’s Mabel C. Fry Public Library is the beneficiary of the bank’s January monetary gift.

“We’re going to use this generous donation to buy additional copies of the most popular ‘best sellers’ that we have the longest ‘hold’ lists for – like the new James Patterson, the new Danielle Steele and the new Lee Child,” Yukon Librarian Sara Schieman said.

“There are a number of books that we really need more than one copy.”

There may be a waiting list of 20 library patrons who want to check out a certain popular title.

Yukon’s public library allows members to check out a book for up to two weeks. So, if only one copy is available, they theoretically would have to wait six months.

And most avid book readers don’t want to have to wait too long to start turning the pages.

“We don’t normally buy multiple copies of books, but with extra money like this we can shorten our waiting list so people can them faster,” Schieman said. “We rely on donations to buy additional copies.”



YNB has been conducting regular fundraisers since 2014.

It started with the “Battle of the Banks” to support the American Cancer Society and grew into a monthly fundraiser.

“We try to ‘keep it local’ as much as possible,” YNB’s Sable Hendrix said.

YNB’s monthly gifts have helped:

Pets & People Humane Society, the American Heart Association, Santa’s Toy Shoppe, Dale Robertson Center’s senior citizens’ program, Autism Oklahoma, Citizens Caring for Children, Shoes for Kids, Special Olympics, Support the Troops, The Blue Star Mothers of America, backpacks for YPS students, and breast cancer awareness efforts.

Yukon’s head librarian expressed her gratitude to YNB and its owners – Randy Wright, Ray Wright and Carolyn (Wright) Henthorn – for their continuing generosity.

“The Wright family has always been library supporters,” Schieman said. “The library and bank have worked together for many decades.

“Each year, they buy gift baskets for our Christmas auction and bottled water for the Yukon Chocolate Festival.”

YNB’s main bank is at 401 Elm in downtown Yukon. Other locations are 235 S Yukon Parkway, 1550 Garth Brooks Boulevard in Yukon, 210 N Mustang Road in Mustang, and 6201 N.W. 23rd in Bethany.