Second new Yukon trash truck ‘on duty’

This side loader - with a Mack truck and Labrie body - was purchased in late 2020

The Yukon City Council and city administrators stand beside the latest new trash truck unveiled before the Feb. 15th council meeting: From left, Assistant City Manager Mitchell Hort, Ronnie Luman of the Yukon sanitation department, Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams, Yukon Boy Scout Troop 365 members, Mayor Shelli Selby, Council Member Donna Yanda, Vice Mayor Rick Cacini, City Manager Tammy Kretchmar, and Council Member Jeff Wootton. The City of Yukon has received two new side-loader sanitation vehicles in the past three weeks. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A second new Yukon trash truck has hit the streets – about 15 months after it was ordered.

The sanitation side-loader was unveiled before the Feb. 15th city council meeting in the Centennial Building parking lot, 12 S 5th.

The Yukon City Council, at a November 2020 meeting, approved buying this new garbage truck for $294,093.

The price included $144,197 to Brucker Truck Sales for a 2022 Mack MP7 truck and $149,896 to J&R Equipment for a 2021 Labrie body.

The truck was originally due to arrive in October 2021 but took longer than expected to build at the manufacturing plant.

“This one is basically the exact truck that we originally purchased in 2012,” Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams said. “They were Mack trucks with Labrie bodies.”

With some of its garbage trucks showing age and having maintenance issues, the City of Yukon’s sanitation department has received two new side-loaders in the past three weeks.

A side-loader featuring a 2022 Peterbilt DS 520 chassis with a Labrie body arrived in late January. The council on Jan. 25 approved buying that truck for $324,829.

“We have a total of five side loaders now, with these two new ones,” Adams said. “And we have two front-loaders, two rear-loaders and two ‘roll-off’ transfer trucks.”