City’s engineering firm to study Yukon traffic corridor

‘Extensive proposed development’ along 10th Street cited


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

With more development coming along Yukon’s south border, the city’s engineering firm will study traffic issues in the area.

The City of Yukon will pay $6,800 to TEIM Design for “traffic corridor master plan services” on N.W. 10th Street between Yukon Parkway and Garth Brooks Boulevard.

The company will provide these services “due to extensive proposed development on N.W. 10th Street”, TEIM Design President Joe Davis wrote in a memo to Yukon city officials.

“These services include evaluating the proposed developments, reviewing development traffic impact reports, and developing preliminary corridor cost options for proposed improvements.”

The Yukon City Council approved TEIM Design’s traffic corridor master plan study at its Feb. 15th meeting.

N.W. 10th is the south dividing line between Yukon and Oklahoma City. Both sides of the four-lane roadway are owned by the City of Yukon.



In recent years, traffic congestion has increased on this east-west arterial street with new development adjacent to the well-traveled thoroughfare.

Mixed-use projects – with commercial and multi-family zoning – have been proposed on the “Oklahoma City side” of 10th Street, west and east of the Czech Hall Marketplace retail development.

The speed limit is 40 miles per hour.

The Yukon City Council also has agreed to pay the city’s engineer $4,080 for future traffic control master plan services on Garth Brooks Boulevard from N.W. 10th to Vandament Avenue.

This is the busiest thoroughfare in Yukon’s business district.

In 2021, City of Yukon contractors completed traffic control upgrades at Garth Brooks Boulevard intersections north and south of Interstate 40 to improve vehicle flow.