Yukon capital project advisory board approved

Committee has 11 voting members, with nine appointees; August election possible

Aric Gilliland

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A new Yukon advisory board was formally established this week to recommend projects for a capital funding program.

The Yukon City Council, at its March 1st meeting, unanimously approved a resolution establishing the Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board.

Passing this resolution is a “big step toward a bright future,” Ward 4 City Council Member Aric Gilliland said.

“We all had an opportunity to share our opinions previously in a survey, and City staff did a great job of putting that together.”

Gilliland advised Yukon residents to “revisit” those ideas.

“If there’s things on your mind that you would like to emphasize to your city council person, please reach out and do that. I know this committee’s going to do a great job in moving our city forward.”

Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board members will start meeting soon to review input provided by Yukon residents in fall 2021 through a community survey and three town hall forums.

“The survey and town halls resulted in a large amount of citizen input on city services, infrastructure, projects and the future direction of Yukon,” according to the resolution, which was approved by a 5-0 vote.

“The City Council desires at this time to build upon the results of feedback from the citizens of Yukon.”

This advisory board will offer guidance to the city council, which will consider calling an election (as early as August) to fund capital improvements.

Among suggested capital projects are:

  • A new community center
  • A multi-generational sports/recreation complex
  • A new public library
  • A third fire station
  • Interior street improvements
  • Water/sewer infrastructure upgrades

“The board will identify capital needs and funding sources,” the resolution reads. “The board shall recommend to the city council capital projects as well as funding sources for those projects.”

A dedicated sales tax, property tax increase and utility revenue bonds are among financing options.

Yukon voters must approve any tax hike.

The next possible special election date is Tuesday, Aug. 23. The city council could consider the ballot language and resolution at its May 17th meeting.

Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board meetings will be open to the public and allow for public input.



The Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board will consider of 11 voting members:

  • Appointees from Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, and At-Large
  • Appointee representing the Yukon Chamber of Commerce
  • Appointee who is a Yukon business owner
  • Appointee representing the Yukon community (religious, civic and/or non-profit)
  • Appointee from the Yukon City Council
  • Yukon Public Schools’ Superintendent
  • Yukon City Manager

The YPS superintendent and city manager are ex-officio voting members and are not appointed by the city council.

The nine appointees must be City of Yukon residents during their tenure on the board.

Yukon’s city council and city manager recommend board members and the council confirms all appointments. Members “serve at the pleasure” of the city council.

The ward and at-large appointees are appointed by the city council representative of that ward. However, the nominating council member may nominate someone from another ward if he or she believes such action “would be in the city’s best interest.”

The Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board will elect a chair and vice-chair at its first meeting.

City of Yukon liaisons who may advise the board are city staff members, city legal and bond counsel, city engineers, and financial advisors.