Bussett announces bid for county associate judgeship

Associate judge post oversees Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children's Justice Center

Rachel Bussett

PIEDMONT – Rachel Bussett has announced her candidacy for Canadian County Associate District Judge today. Rachel is a compassionate and hardworking advocate, entrepreneur, lawyer, wife and mother who has dedicated her career to protecting children and families in Oklahoma.

“Children are our most precious asset and I believe that Oklahoma’s Court System needs individuals on the bench who are dedicated to following the law in regard to the best interest of children,” Bussett said. “I want to continue my work serving the people of Canadian County in encounters with the judicial system.”

Before establishing her own firm, Rachel worked for the Honorable Larry Brooks and served as an Associate in two Oklahoma City firms where she focused her legal career on defending businesses and corporations. Rachel’s law firm, the Bussett Legal Group (BLG) has dedicated its work to protecting children and families through representation of individuals and small businesses in family law, adoption, guardianship, probate and estate, employment and business matters.

Rachel values a work environment that allows employees a work life balance allowing them to be both family orientated and working professionals. Her office is staffed by individuals from all different walks of life and family situations, proving it is possible to be successful in family and work simultaneously. Rachel and her team represent mothers, fathers, grandparents and other family members who all want to make the best decisions for the children in their lives.


Rachel is a respected leader in her community. She has a bold vision for the future of the Canadian County Children’s Justice Center.

The Canadian County Associate District Judge presides over matters involving children in Canadian County – deprived, delinquent, guardianship and adoption and runs the Gary E. Miller Canadian County Children’s Justice Center. This center was a groundbreaking, one of a kind facility when it was created and was the crown jewel of juvenile justice for many years. Under the current leadership, families and employees alike have suffered due to the lack of leadership and maintenance of the facility. Over the last several years, multiple lawsuits have been filed alleging employees have been discriminated against and there is a lack of oversight and management by the incumbent judge. Turnover at the center is at an all-time high.  These failures have impacted the services that families in Canadian County have received.  Rachel believes that she can do better.

In response to why she is running for this position Bussett said, “We need a judge hearing our juvenile cases that understands what it is to struggle to pay rent and provide for a family; who understands domestic violence and addiction from a real life perspective, not just an elevated seat in a courtroom.

“I have personally experienced many of the struggles that the families who will come before me are going through.  I believe that uniquely qualifies me to serve in this position,” Bussett said.

“I am a fierce advocate for my clients and their families in and out of the courtroom,” Bussett said. “As a judge, I will work just as hard to ensure that the law is followed by all parties involved in the juvenile system.  While the goal of the juvenile court system is reunification of families, circumstances do not always allow that to happen.  Whether children in the deprived system are returned to their parental homes, familial homes, foster homes or adoptive homes, children deserve to have a family home that is safe, loving and supportive.”

Rachel is committed to building families in all respects and will continue this in her role as a judge.

Outside the courtroom Rachel owns and manages one of the largest all female law firms in Oklahoma.  Through the pandemic her business not only survived but thrived through their hard work and dedication. Having built her own business from the ground up, she has the experience and expertise necessary to manage a facility like the justice center, which has an annual operating budget of over $9 million. Rachel’s experience as a business owner and management consultant, along with her years of experience in employment, business, administrative, family and juvenile law make her extremely qualified to manage this facility.

She is married to Jeremy Simco, an IT Technician with the Veteran’s Administration. Together they have four daughters.  Their family is blended and in part built through adoption.   The family also has three fur kids, including Peanut, Rey and the infamous “Pig the Law Dog.” Pig is a Pitbull rescue who is the BLG emotional support dog who comforts clients in their time of need.

Rachel is involved in community activities for the benefit of children and their families. She is on the Associate Board of Oklahoma Lawyers for Children.  She has lobbied in Congress and the Oklahoma Legislature for the advancement of laws protecting children and adults with disabilities and serious diseases. She is a volunteer legal advocate for the Americans with Diabetes Association and Oklahoma Lawyers for America’s Heroes. Rachel is also a trained special education advocate helping families secure services for children on IEP’s and 504’s.  Rachel is dedicated to giving back to her community and developing the leaders of tomorrow.

You can learn more about Rachel and her campaign at www.rachelforjudge.com.