Foundation gift helps Yukon Sharing

Community support for downtown Yukon helping agency

Yukon Sharing Director Missy King (center) accepts a generous gift from the 501(c)3 Yukon Community Support Foundation, represented by Yukon City Manager Tammy Kretchmar and developer Ray Wright. Behind them are Yukon Sharing board members, from left, State Rep Rhonda Baker, Betty Corn, Kayleigh Ferguson, and Pam Shelton. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A downtown Yukon agency has earned an unexpected – and welcome – gift as the need for its services rise.

Board members of the Yukon Community Support Foundation (YCSF) on March 18 presented a $10,000 contribution to Yukon Sharing Ministry.

Yukon Sharing, 4 N Sixth, is the latest Yukon service organization that has benefitted from funds raised by the 501(c)3 foundation.

Yukon Sharing provides clothing, food, household goods, and other necessary services to people who meet income guidelines.

Yukon Sharing Director Missy King

Director Missy King, saying she’s pleased to work with the foundation and City of Yukon leaders, explained how these funds will be used.

“We have needs, so it will go quickly,” King said. “The price of food is increasing, obviously, so this will help with that. Our main focus is helping people, so we want to make sure we have the foods, the meats and the produce that people need.

“We’re now a viable part of the community. The City and the foundation have seen that, and we appreciate the fact that they’re helping us out.”

The YCSF grant will help Yukon Sharing finish creating its first website, which King noted is expensive. Part of the large monetary gift also may be used toward the purchase of a new van.

Yukon Sharing Ministry was founded in 1987 with a vision to offer everyone who can benefit a “hand up” – not a “hand out.”

The mission statement of the Yukon Community Support Foundation is:

“To provide support to the City of Yukon, Oklahoma, its citizens and supporters including but not limited to enhancing the physical facilities of public property, providing education and entertainment, and all other activities benefiting the quality of life in the community.”

The Yukon Community Support Foundation collects money through tax-deductible donations and contributions made at City of Yukon special events and festivals.

Board members are Doug Sauter, Jan Scott, John Alberts, John Leonard, Tom Arnould, Ray Wright, Shelli Selby (mayor), and Tammy Kretchmar (city manager).



Yukon Sharing has seen a noticeable increase in clients since Jan. 1 – about 150 more monthly as compared to the same period last year.

“We served over 400 people in January, right at 400 in February and we’ll be there at 400 or above this month,” King shared.

Part of this increase has been attributed to Manna Pantry’s move from Sixth and Maple to the new Together We Center near Cemetery Road and N.W. 10th.

“Some of the people who would go to Manna Pantry have worked their way down here,” King said. “I know Manna Pantry is busy out there too, like we are.

“We’re just glad that we’re here and we have the funds and food available to be able to help people.”

The Yukon Sharing office, just north of Main Street, is open from noon to 4 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Eligible residents can come to Yukon Sharing once a month to receive food and once every 60 days to get clothes.

The organization serves those who live in the Yukon school district, specifically the 73099, 73085 and 73127 zip codes.

Since King became Yukon Sharing’s director three years ago, the helping agency’s board has evolved.

Board officers are President Betty Corn, Vice President Pam Shelton, Secretary Kayleigh Ferguson, and Treasurer Stacey Gaylord.

Other members are State Rep. Rhonda Baker, Tammy McKee, D’Lynne McDaniel, Jay Emory, Christy Stanley, Scott Schuermann, and Jim Poe.

“We’ve expanded the board and now have a lot of good resources in different areas,” King said. “Our board works really hard. We have a great team.”

For more information, call 354-9456 or email