District 1 Commissioner Marc Hader to seek re-election

District includes parts of Piedmont, Yukon, El Reno, Okarche and Calumet

Marc Hader

Commissioner Marc Hader has announced he will seek an additional term for the office of District 1 Canadian County Commissioner.

The district includes central and northeastern Canadian County, and encompasses all or parts of Piedmont, Yukon, El Reno, Okarche and Calumet.

In making his announcement, Hader said the following:

“The world seems so much different now than when I first ran for election. It seems a little less safe, less innocent and less stable than what we’ve all been used to in America. Through the difficulties of COVID, we at Canadian County found the balance between protecting our employees and the public we serve without forcing draconian measures of restraint on our citizens, families or businesses.

“Following through on my promised goals of fiscal restraint, and government modernization, tempered with private sector common sense, I am proud to say that we are not spending every tax dollar we collect unlike many other levels of government,” he said. “We are living within our means and saving millions of dollars in revenue for the purpose of cash flowing the financing of needed capital projects – which we hope will preclude us from needing to ask the citizens for more tax dollars.


“I have continued to deliver on many of the promises I set forth when I first ran for Commissioner. While collaborating with my fellow commissioners and countywide officers we have constructed a first-class expo/event center which is bringing a wide range of activities, commerce, revenue and prosperity to our community. We have also upgraded our county website, had the Auditor & Inspectors’ office facilitate performance audits of the commissioners’ and the sheriff’s operations, created the first Human Resources Department in the history of Canadian County, and modernized in many areas. And, in District One, we have reconstructed roads in both our cities and unincorporated areas which had not been improved in decades.

“There will be a new Commissioner elected in District 3. This will certainly bring changes and possible uncertainty to the county and its staff. I am delighted with the progress we’ve made so far. But, with the continuing need for additional modernization, needed capital projects, continuing infrastructure improvements and even greater transparency and accountability I would like to announce my bid for reelection. To maintain stability and to keep the positive momentum going, I humbly ask for your vote in the June 28th Republican primary.”