Yukon advisory board to study Frisco Road site use

Development considered on ‘sports park’ property

Aric Gilliland

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Future use of city-owned property near Main Street and Frisco Road will soon be studied in detail.

Williams Family Investments LLC is now leasing the City of Yukon’s “sports park property” at the southwest corner of Main Street and Frisco Road as pastureland.

Many Yukon residents want to see “multi-use, multi-generational recreation facilities” on the 156.7-acre site – instead of grazing livestock.

Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board member Aric Gilliland favors a sports park with athletic fields built on the site west of Frisco Road.

The Yukon City Council’s Ward 4 representative, Gilliland envisions a development that attracts visitors to Yukon and provides a positive economic impact.

A new $14 million Interstate 40 interchange opened in fall 2021.

Frisco Road also was reconstructed in anticipation of future retail growth in this area, specifically hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues.

YPS Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth

Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board member Dr. Jason Simeroth, superintendent of Yukon Public Schools, said developing the Frisco Road property would be “such a huge draw.”

Many of the school district’s students leave Yukon with their parents to play sports elsewhere, Simeroth said at the advisory board’s March 31st meeting.

YPS also has a burgeoning swim team, but there’s no indoor aquatics center here.

Yukon annexed the Frisco Road site from Oklahoma City to build a “world-class soccer complex,” Yukon City Manager Tammy Kretchmar explained.

“That is in the agreement,” she told advisory board members. “We are trying to get Oklahoma City to change that agreement.”



Some 73% of Yukon voters in March 2017 defeated a $18 million sports park bond that would have funded a Yukon soccer complex on the Frisco Road property.

If the Oklahoma City agreement is revised, the City of Yukon could use the land to build various athletic fields, a community center, library, or other public facilities.

“We don’t have to use the land just for a sports park,” Kretchmar noted.

The City of Yukon has kept a 600-foot strip of land from Frisco Road to the west, not part of the sports park property lease, for future economic development in a tax-increment financing (TIF) district.

Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board member Leslie Soulen referred to the growing aging population, but limited services for seniors in the City of Yukon.

The Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board will make recommendations to the Yukon City Council on what capital projects to include on a proposal election ballot.

The next possible municipal election dates are this August or next January.

The city council could decide to develop the Frisco Road property or sell the land.

A three-year lease on the property, for $11,752.50 annually, started March 1, 2021. The lease may be terminated at any time with a 190-day written notice.

The next Yukon Capital Project Advisory Board meeting will be 7 p.m. Thursday, April 14 inside the Centennial Building, 12 S 5th.

The public is invited to attend or view the discussion live on the City of Yukon’s Facebook page.