Canadian County inmate charged for bogus bomb threat

OSBI affidavit: False assassination attempt against assistant DA

Isaac Rabago Bolivar

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A Canadian County inmate faces three to 10 years in prison for allegedly reporting a bogus assassination attempt against a Canadian County prosecutor.

Tucson, Ariz.’s Isaac Rabago Bolivar, 43, was charged May 5 in Canadian County District Court with a felony for conveying information “known to be false” about an alleged attempt to kill, injure or intimidate Assistant District Attorney Austin Murrey “by means of an explosive, incendiary device or simulated bomb.”

The Canadian County District Attorney’s Office alleges Bolivar falsely reported to law enforcement officials a threat by “other named inmates” who he claimed would place an explosive device in the gas tank of Murrey’s vehicle.

The case was investigated by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Bolivar has been housed at the Canadian County Jail since Jan. 26 when he was booked for aggravated trafficking of illegal drugs.

Canadian County District Attorney Mike Fields on Feb. 28 contacted the OSBI to investigate the possible threat.

The alleged crime is detailed in an affidavit signed by an OSBI special agent.



Murray had received a letter from inmate Bolivar “stating that he had overheard a plot to assassinate” the prosecutor while at the county jail, according to the affidavit.

The OSBI agent on March 3 interviewed Bolivar, who reported hearing two other inmates “devise a plan” to kill the assistant DA and possibly his family.

Bolivar claimed he heard his fellow inmates “discuss dropping a ball filled with bleach into Murrey’s gas tank to cause a delayed explosion,” according to the investigator’s affidavit.

“Bolivar also heard (the other inmates) discuss using a drone equipped with a gun and piloted with a cellphone to shoot Murrey as he was walking out from his house.”

Further, the defendant reportedly said he was housed in the same jail “pod” as the other two inmates when he heard them making these plans – but pretended he was sleep.

The OSBI agent learned through his investigation into these purported threats that Bolivar had not been in the same jail pod “to overhear these assassination plans.”

Canadian County Special Judge Charles Gass signed the OSBI affidavit after finding probable cause to arrest the defendant on the false explosive/bomb threat reporting charge. Bond was set at $50,000.