YPS needs crosswalk monitors

Administrators, teachers, staff 'step in' due to staffing shortage

Yukon Public Schools’ Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jason Brunk performs crosswalk duties recently at a local elementary site. The school district needs more crosswalk monitors. (Photo provided)

During the 2021-22 school year, Yukon Public Schools has seen a record decline in crosswalk monitors.

YPS administrators, teachers, and staff have stepped up every day to fill this duty before and after school.

District officials are so thankful to have the incredible staff and volunteers who help tackle issues like these at YPS.

Crosswalk monitors are a vital position for schools, as they help kids get to and out of school as safe as possible.

The Yukon school district does offer a paid position for crosswalk duty. YPS also has openings for other positions, including teachers, playground monitors, classroom aides, bus drivers, and after-school aides.

For more information, visit hr.yukonps.com.