Four-legged fun at Yukon Dog Park

Corgis of Yukon Races enjoys successful debut

Laura Combs of Yukon prepares her Corgi, Chance, before a heat at the Corgis of Yukon Races Saturday morning. An estimated 150 people attended the race, which featured 36 Corgis. (Photo by Michael Pineda)

By Michael Pineda

Three Corgis bolt for their owners during the Corgis of Yukon Races, held at Pets and People Park Saturday. (Photo by Michael Pineda)
Corgi owners are lined up, urging their four-legged friends to run toward them during the first Corgi of Yukon Races Saturday. (Photo by Michael Pineda)

Corgi racing has found a home in Yukon.

The Pets and People Dog Park was filled with Corgis and their two-legged friends for the first Corgis of Yukon Races Saturday morning.

The event drew an estimated 150 people and 36 Corgis racing in three heats hoping to make a run at first place overall.

Corgis of Yukon Director Joy Baker said Corgi races have been going on for a while. When the club was started a year-and-a-half ago, it seemed like a natural fit for the club.

I thought we need to try and do that with our group,” she said. “So, this is just a group activity today, but it turned into so much more because people are just so wild about Corgis these days.”

Baker said a limit of 36 dogs was set with three heats of 12 dogs each. Initially, 35 Corgis were registered but some alternates showed up for the race, hoping to get in.

Today was just for fun,” she said. “There were no fees, no prizes either. But at we got practice in for doing it again in the future and some fundraisers for Pets and People Humane Society.”



The club included the fanfare for the race with a trumpeter playing Call to the Post prior to each race. On one end of the small dog park, dogs lined up with their favorite humans holding them. On the other end of the park, ‘receivers’ called for their Corgis, urging them across the finish line. Once the race began, the path to victory rarely ran in a straight line.

My favorite part was watching my Corgi zig and zag and still coming in second place,” Baker said. “I started going, ‘Chloe, Chloe.’ I was calling for her. I was the receiver, and my friend was sending her. They ran all crazy and it was hysterical.”

The overall winner was an energetic nine-month-old named Dumbo. Julia Tang, a resident of Edmond and member of Corgis of Yukon, said it was the first time Dumbo had competed in a race.

He got lucky, I don’t know how he did it,” she said. “He got third in the first heat.”

Tang explained Dumbo is full of happy energy and she had just as much herself after the race.

I was in cross country and track,” she said. “Competition gets me wound up.”

There were lessons to be learned for the Corgi club but, overall, the results were encouraging. With one race under their belt, more races are planned as Corgis of Yukon look to grow the event.

Everybody thought it was a hoot and they are really having fun,” Baker said. “I think they appreciate that it was a free event. It was some free fun and that is hard to find these days.

We will be having a big one next year for a fundraiser, but the plans are not made yet. We want to raise some funds for the dog park, and this was a good way to start figuring that out.”