Quarantine lifted on school farm

State determines cow’s illness not transmissible

A state quarantine on the Yukon Public School District Farm was lifted Tuesday. The farm was placed under quarantine when a cow was discovered with lesions on its nose and mouth on May 26. The lesions were non-transmissible and have healed. (Photo by Michael Pineda)

By Michael Pineda
Staff Writer

The Oklahoma State Department of Agriculture has lifted a quarantine placed last week on the Yukon Public School District Farm.

The quarantine went into effect on May 26. Lesions were found on a cow’s nose and mouth. As a result, the farm was closed down due to an abundance of caution, school officials said. Following testing, the quarantine was lifted Monday.

Dustin (Beams, FFA Director) messaged me about it,” Yukon Public School spokesperson Peter Agnitsch said. “It was nothing serious at all.”


Agnitsch said the cow with the lesions is completely healthy.

It was not something that was transmissible,” he said. “The lesions have healed up. They didn’t think it was serious, the farm was just closed due to an abundance of caution.”

Agnitsch said the cow began showing signs of recovery the day after the farm was closed.

During the quarantine, students were not allowed to leave the farm with animals. The cow was examined by two veterinarians with the state vet taking blood for testing and conducting a swab.