Remind yourself of the good in the world


By Lena Belarfaoui
Guest Columnist

Recently I have realized that many of us run through our lives as if we’re running on a hamster wheel – continuously running, chasing money, love, acceptance and happiness.

We run through days chasing these things, never satisfied with what we currently have and missing all the good in life.

At work a customer came in with a “Life Is Good” shirt. I complimented his shirt, and he said, “I collect ‘Life Is Good’ shirts to remind myself that there is always good in this world.”

I have never forgotten that and continue to live by it.


Running through life we miss the good little things – the scent of fresh flowers, the feeling of the soft sun, the happiness while laughing with a loved one or even the simplicity of the grass becoming greener.

These countless blessings we experience throughout life, yet on the run through life we forget to stop and realize all we have been blessed with. Blessings so small to us, yet so valuable.

With negativity continuously being broadcasted, we forget all the positivity around us. Whether that is a stranger smiling at us, a random compliment or even something as simple as a comforting hug from a loved one. The hamster wheel never will come to an end, but our lives will.

Our lives are too short to continuously keep running. Just as a customer once told me, “There is always good in this world,” we just have to know when to step off the wheel and take the good blessings in.