Yukon man accused of trying to have sex with dog

Charged with attempted crimes against nature, outraging public decency


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A Yukon man faces prison time for allegedly trying to have sex with a dog.

Max Allen Gerlt, 23, was charged June 14 in Canadian County District Court with attempted crimes against nature or, in the alternative, outraging public decency.

Prosecutors allege Gerlt violated state law “by attempting to commit the detestable and abominable crime against nature by having unnatural and carnal copulation with a female dog” or in the alternative “willfully committing an act which outraged public decency by masturbating while fondling a female dog.”

The charging document was signed by Canadian County Assistant District Attorney John Salmon.

Yukon Police were notified April 27 that the defendant “had attempted to perform sexual acts” with the dog, according to an arrest warrant affidavit filed in district court.

The affidavit, signed by a Yukon police detective, describes the alleged acts in graphic detail. The incident was reportedly observed by two people who responded after hearing the dog yelp.

Gerlt was interviewed May 9 by the investigator.

The defendant admitted during the interview that he had sexually assaulted the dog “on more than one occasion” and “was completely nude during the incident,” according to the court affidavit.

Canadian County Special Judge Charles Gass issued a warrant for Gerlt’s arrest. The defendant was released from custody June 15 after posting a $5,000 bond, according to court records.

If convicted of attempted crimes against nature, a felony, Gerlt faces up to five years in prison.

Outraging public decency, a misdemeanor crime, is punishable by up to one year in the county jail and/or a $500 fine.