Local contractor has $36.4M ‘low’ bid for Canadian County bridge rehab

ODOT will award contract July 11 for historic ‘yellow bridge’ project

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has opened bids for a major bridge rehabilitation project on U.S. 281 over the South Canadian River in far west Canadian County. The apparent low bidder is OBC, Inc., an Edmond company owned by Tim Duit. (Photo provided)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A local contractor is the apparent low bidder for a large bridge rehabilitation project in far west Canadian County.

OBC, Inc., of Edmond, submitted a bid totaling about $36.4 million to rebuild the historic “yellow bridge” over the South Canadian River. Tim Duit is the owner of OBC, Inc.

“The bridge is tremendously long,” District 3 Canadian County Commissioner Jack Stewart said. “It’s where Canadian, Blaine and Caddo counties come to a ‘point’ on the west end.”

OBC, Inc.’s bid is 93.83% of the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) engineer’s $38,604,606 estimate.

ODOT’s Oklahoma Transportation Commission on June 16 opened bids from OBC, Inc. and three other contractors:

  • OBC, Inc. – $36,390,197.51
  • Manhattan Road & Bridge – $39,141,860.70
  • Allen Contracting/Shell Construction – $41,699,176.13
  • OCCI, Inc. – $42,091,339.70

State transportation commissioners are expected to award the contract during their July 11th meeting.

Some 570 calendar days have been allotted for this construction project, which covers 0.895 mile – including the bridge and approaches.

The bridge project has been designed by CP&Y, Inc.



The span, in Canadian County District 3, is known as the yellow bridge because of its distinctive color.

The bridge itself is almost three-quarters of a mile long. The weight limit totals nine tons.

“It’s a pony-truss bridge,” Commissioner Stewart added. “It’s yellow, so everybody just calls it the ‘yellow bridge’.”

The State of Oklahoma received federal funding aid to build this bridge some 89 years ago.

A sign on the bridge reads: “This bridge spans the South Canadian River, which at this point is the boundary between Canadian and Caddo Counties, Oklahoma.

“It is 3,944.33 feet in length and was built jointly by the state and federal governments. Contract for its construction was awarded on August 2, 1932. It was completed and accepted by the state on July 1, 1933.”

The yellow bridge was built some 89 years ago in a joint project between the state and federal governments.