Fireworks illegal inside Yukon

YFD Chief Vogt advises residents to attend supervised displays July 3-4

Gracen Hoke of Yukon (left) and Payton Hauck of Oklahoma City offer July 4th illuminations from the TNT Fireworks stand just west of Yukon on Highway 66. Gracen and Peyton are selling fireworks to raise money for their girls’ gymnastics team at Bounce Academy in Yukon. Several fireworks’ stands have opened just outside Yukon for this weekend’s Independence Day holiday celebration, although the sale and discharge of fireworks is prohibited in Yukon city limits. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

With the discharge of fireworks illegal in Yukon city limits, Yukon’s fire chief reminds citizens to stay safe over the upcoming holiday weekend.

As is tradition, several fireworks’ stands have “popped up” recently just outside Yukon selling these illuminated noisemakers.

Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt

Yukon Fire Chief Shawn Vogt advises people against shooting off fireworks – whether they are inside or outside Yukon.

“People don’t realize just how dangerous these fireworks are,” Vogt said. “You can go to these stands and buy some pretty powerful fireworks.”

Fireworks possession and use are strictly prohibited in the City of Yukon’s code of ordinances.

In fact, anyone caught shooting off fireworks inside Yukon’s corporate boundaries is subject to a $271 fine.

Chief Vogt’s advice?

“Leave it to the professionals if you want to see those big shows,” he proclaimed.

“The City of Yukon puts on a couple of great fireworks displays. For people who like to see really big fireworks, my suggestion is to go down to the park and enjoy it.”

Supervised, professional displays will be featured at dusk this Sunday, July 3 and Monday, July 4 as part of the City of Yukon’s annual Freedom Fest celebration at the city park complex.

The City of Yukon contracts with ARC Pyrotechnics, Inc. of Guthrie to present the spectacular nighttime displays, which are free for the public to watch.

“There also will be a lot of entertainment, activities for the kids and food trucks,” Vogt said of the 2022 Freedom Fest. “It’s a pretty neat deal.”



The Yukon Fire Department will have extra personnel and fire truck on (and around) the festival grounds to ensure any fire doesn’t spread during the fireworks displays.

“We’ll have a manned brush pumper just outside the ‘hazard zone’,” Chief Vogt said.

The YFD’s all-terrain vehicle also will be on-site helping with any medical-related calls during Freedom Fest.

“A lot of times, it’s hot and people can get dehydrated or overheated,” Vogt said. “Just for safety, we’ll have a couple extra guys there for quick response.

“It looks like it’s going to be a hot weekend again, so always stay hydrated.”

YFD officials realize children often enjoy popping off small fireworks this time of year.

“They definitely need to have parental supervision and practice safe measures,” Vogt said. “I know people buy them, but it is illegal in the city limits of Yukon.

“We’ve haven’t had a lot of calls in the past to respond to fireworks injuries. We’ve been fortunate because those type of injuries can be pretty severe.”