Two suspects charged in Yukon-area storage thefts

Break-ins reported at self-storage business on N Sara Road


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Two people were charged this week in Canadian County District Court in connection with break-ins at a Yukon-area self-storage business.

Oklahoma City’s Ashley Lea Faulkner, 37, and Purcell’s Stuart Dwayne Carr, 38, were formally charged June 30 with second-degree burglary and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Prosecutors allege Faulkner and Carr conspired to break into a storage unit at Spare Box Storage, 2409 N Sara Road, by cutting the lock off and entering the unit “with the intent to steal” and without the owner’s permission.

Stuart Dwayne Carr

“Stuart and Ashley broke into the unit by cutting the locks of the unit off with a bolt cutter,” according to a probable cause affidavit signed by an Oklahoma City police investigator.

“Ashley told me her and Stuart had arrived at the storage facility because they were being evicted from their unit and wanted to gather their belongings. While moving items from their unit, Stuart expressed to Ashley that he wanted to steal a mini-bike that he had seen in (the victim’s) unit prior to this incident.”

If convicted on both counts, Faulkner and Carr face up to 17 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Ashley Lea Faulkner

An Oklahoma City Police investigation identified Faulkner and Carr as suspects who allegedly burglarized a Yukon woman’s storage unit.

Recent thefts at the local self-storage business have police advising residents to be cautious and attentive about the items they store in rental facilities.

Oklahoma City Police have responded four times to the N Sara Road storage complex to investigate break-ins that occurred between June 11-25, according to police reports.

Yukon’s Cheyenne Mock was victimized twice, the reports show.

Mock told Oklahoma City officer James Blood she had installed a trail camera inside her unit “due to the amount of burglaries happening at the storage complex,” according to a June 23rd burglary report.

“Cheyenne then told me the two suspects she caught on camera during this incident were the same two from a prior incident that happening on 6/11/2022.”

Faulkner and Carr were allegedly caught when Oklahoma City police K9 led officers to a unit with no lock on it.

“I tried to open the unit, but I was unable to, and it seemed somebody was inside of the unit holding the door down,” officer Blood wrote in his report. “I tried several times to open the door but was unsuccessful. Commands were given to exit the unit, but nobody stepped outside.

“A Yukon officer kicked the storage unit’s door a couple of times then was able to open it. Ashley was inside of the unit just behind the door and Stuart was further into the unit and was laying on his stomach.”

Faulkner and Carr were arrested and taken to the Canadian County Jail, where they were booked early June 24 for burglary and malicious injury/destruction of property.

In another June 23rd report, an Oklahoma City victim told police he was missing stereo equipment after his storage unit was burglarized

Yet another burglary report was filed June 25 when a Yukon man told police someone had broken into his storage unit. He was missing a nitrous engine, two welders, power tools, and wrenches.

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Dillon Quirk shared tips to residents who utilize storage units that can help keep their belongings safe:

  • Leave items of extreme value and irreplaceable items (such as family heirlooms) out of the unit.
  • Make sure to have serial numbers on any items that possess serial numbers.
  • Check the storage unit frequently and make a police report as soon as possible if a crime occurs.
  • Check out the storage facility before renting a unit, to sure they have properly functioning security cameras there.


The recent heists on North Sara Road was the latest storage business thefts that have occurred in the Yukon area.

Yukon’s Joseph Wayne Tucker, 36, was convicted May 31 in Canadian County District Court on felony charges related to July 2021 break-ins at All Storage, 515 N Mustang Road.

Tucker pleaded no contest to 10 counts of second-degree burglary and 10 counts of malicious injury to property.

Canadian County Special Judge Charles Gass sentenced Tucker to serve four years in state prison and 16 years on probation for the crimes. He also ordered Tucker to pay restitution, fines and victims’ compensation assessments.

Tucker had been linked to break-ins at about 67 storage units in Yukon, court documents indicate.

The Yukon Police Department had investigated storage unit burglaries at two properties in Yukon city limits – in the 1700 block of W Vandament and 800 block of E Main.

Investigators allegedly confirmed Tucker’s identity after obtaining security video from one of the storage businesses vandalized.