Canadian County rock hauling bid awarded

Three companies earn contract to bring road materials

Dave Anderson

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – Three vendors have been selected to deliver truckloads of materials for Canadian County road construction projects, county commissioners have decided.

The three-member Canadian County Commission, at its regular meeting June 27, voted 3-0 to award a rock hauling bid to Zummallen Rock & Grain of Okarche and Farmer’s Supply & Transportation of Cheyenne.

Commissioners had postponed action one week earlier so they could review a range of “per-ton mile” prices from five companies interested in having their trucks pick up and bring rock to Canadian County road sites.

Vendors were asked to submit bids to haul from 11 locations using end-dump and belly-dump trailers.

“On end dumps, Zummallen Trucking was lowest (overall) and on the belly dumps, Farmer’s was lowest,” Canadian County Commission Chairman Dave Anderson said at the June 27th meeting.

Zummallen’s per-ton mile prices to haul using end-dump trailers are Richard Spur ($0.22), Cyril (0.22), Cooperton (0.22), Davis (0.22), Granite (0.22), Mill Creek (0.22), Carnegie (0.22), and Watonga (0.32). Zummallen did not submit bids from Greenfield, Hydro or Yukon.

Farmer’s per-ton mile prices to haul using belly-dump trailers are Richard Spur ($0.225), Cyril (0.225), Cooperton (0.225), Greenfield (0.24), Hydro (0.24), Davis (0.225), Granite (0.225), Mill Creek (0.225), Carnegie (0.225), and Watonga (0.24). Farmer’s did not submit a bid from Yukon.

County commissioners, at their July 5th meeting, amended the rock hauling bid they had previously awarded to Zummallen Trucking and Farmer’s Supply & Transportation.

“We have categories in our bid documents that ask for prices that were included that were lower (than Zummallen and Farmer’s),” Chairman Anderson explained.

The board unanimously approved the amended rock hauling bid after District 3 Commissioner Jack Stewart’s motion to “award to the low bidder in each of the categories they’re low in.”

As such, Brown Trucking of Ardmore was awarded the bid to haul rock from Yukon using end-dump trailers.



Commissioner Stewart’s district has more rock hauled than the other two districts.

The winning bidders offered the lowest prices to deliver “from the locations that we actually haul from,” Stewart noted.

Because of rising diesel costs, Canadian County Commissioners recently agreed to award the rock hauling bid every three months – instead of every six months.

That was done to help trucking companies who were faced with honoring six-month bid prices during a period of fluctuating fuel prices.

Commissioner Stewart predicted it will cost about 20% more to have rock delivered to Canadian County road sites. The hauling cost has typically been twice the price of the material, he noted.

Other companies submitting bids for the Canadian County rock hauling contract were Bomhak Trucking of El Reno and Dollar Trucking of Hennessey.