Malfunction ends Yukon’s fireworks show prematurely

'Technical difficulties' end display early, crowd informed

The City of Yukon's July 4th "Freedom Fest" fireworks display was cut short due to "technical difficulties." (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

A malfunction led to the premature ending of the Freedom Fest fireworks display Monday night, July 4 at the Yukon City Park complex.

About 10 minutes into the fireworks show, the crowd heard an announcement that the display was over due to “technical difficulties.”

The City of Yukon posted a message on social media indicating the fireworks company ended the show early to ensure guests’ safety. The city added it would do everything it could to prevent a future malfunction.

Drone video posted on social media showed a firework dropping to the ground before it went off. Yukon City Manager Tammy Kretchmar said there was a small fire but it was contained.

The city also posted there had been a report of a missing girl but she had been located safe and sound.

Yukon was not the only city to have a fireworks malfunction. A display at Scissortail Park in Oklahoma City was cut short after a malfunction caused a firework to be shot into the crowd. The park reported the malfunction resulted in three non-life threatening injuries to guests. The fireworks company is investigating the cause of the accident.