Yukon man leads police on high-speed chase

Had only faced traffic offenses when he took off, Lt. Fairchild says

Quanah Stephen Shaw

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A Yukon man led police on a high-speed pursuit this week.

Quanah Stephen Shaw, 46, was booked into the Canadian County Jail at 4:30 p.m. July 21 on complaints of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, eluding a police officer while endangering others, driving with a suspended/revoked license, and operating vehicle with altered license plate.

Shortly after midnight, a Yukon police officer noticed a 2009 Hyundai four-door with a plate that belonged on another vehicle.

The officer tried to stop the car in the 1100 block of E Main but the driver – later identified as Shaw – took off instead, according to Yukon Police Maj. Matt Fairchild.

A chase ensued through Yukon city streets and onto eastbound Interstate 40 at speeds reaching 90 miles per hour.

“He continued to fail to yield and stop for red lights, passing other vehicles without any regard for other drivers’ safety,” Maj. Fairchild said.

The officer tried several times to perform a tactical vehicle intervention (TVI), according to a Yukon police report.

“On a couple occasions, the other vehicle swerved at the police car in an attempt to avoid the TVI maneuver,” Fairchild added.

Ultimately, the officer was successful in stopping Shaw’s vehicle near I-40 and MacArthur using the TVI maneuver.

Traffic was relatively light during Thursday’s early-morning pursuit, the police report indicates.

Oklahoma City Police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol helped Yukon Police with the chase.



After the vehicle was stopped, Shaw was arrested without incident and taken to jail.

“He didn’t have a driver’s license and had an improper tag on the vehicle,” Fairchild said. “It was just traffic charges; that was really the only reason he was running.

“Really kind of dumb. He could have stopped, gotten a few tickets and maybe had his car impounded at the worst.”

Shaw’s vehicle was damaged when it ran into a wall on I-40 while the police car sustained minor damage, he added.

Shaw has a lengthy record of traffic offenses between 1999 and 2021 in Canadian and Pawnee counties, according to state court records.

Those charges were speeding, failure to stop at stop sign, driving without insurance, and not wearing a seatbelt.

He also was convicted in a 2010 Oklahoma County case after been cited by the state Department of Wildlife for fishing without a license at Lake Overholser.