Two men face grand larceny charges after Yukon arrest

Allegedly stole catalytic converter from victim at Yukon storage facility


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Two men arrested by Yukon Police at a storage business for allegedly stealing a catalytic converter are now facing prison for the reported crime.

James Douglas Glock

James Douglas Glock, 29, and Daniel Thomas MacArthur, 41, were both charged with grand larceny July 8 in Canadian County District Court.

Yukon police officers were dispatched about 4:05 a.m. July 1 to Devon Storage to respond to an activated burglary alarm, according to a Yukon police incident report.

Police reportedly found Glock and MacArthur inside a pick-up at the self-storage business, 1777 W Vandament.

Officers allegedly observed two “cut” catalytic converters in the truck bed while speaking with the suspects, according to a Yukon Police social media post.

Daniel Thomas MacArthur

Glock and MacArthur were “wearing eye protection and mechanical gloves”, the post read.

Upon further inspection, Yukon officers allegedly found a glass pipe, spoon with drug residue, several blue pills, three reciprocating saws and blades, and another catalytic converter.

Glock and MacArthur, both of southwest Oklahoma City, were arrested at the scene and later booked into the Canadian County Jail.

Assistant District Attorney Austin T. Murrey alleges the defendants “knowingly, intentionally and conjointly” took and carried away a catalytic converter valued at $2,500 “by stealth and fraud” from a Yukon resident with the intent to permanently deprive the victim of the catalytic converter.

A catalytic converter is a device incorporated in the exhaust system of a motor vehicle that uses a catalyst to convert the more harmful compounds of the engine’s emissions.

The victim vehicle was a 2004 Ford F250, the police report indicates.



The felony grand larceny charge is punishable by up to five years in state prison or one year in the county jail, and/or a maximum $1,000 fine.

MacArthur faces a stiffer penalty because he has 2021 felony convictions for unauthorized use of a vehicle and obstructing an officer in Oklahoma County District Court.

Glock has pending felony charges in Oklahoma County for illegal drug trafficking, acquiring proceeds from drug activity, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, unlawful possession of controlled drugs, use of a vehicle in discharge of a weapon, and possession of stolen property.

He also has a 2019 misdemeanor conviction for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and other pending misdemeanor drug charges.