Forcible rape charge filed in Yukon incident

Former Yukon resident faces five years to life in prison

Edward Irvin Stearns, Jr.

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A former Yukon resident faces five years to life in prison for allegedly sexually assaulting a female victim last fall at a Yukon address.


Oklahoma City’s Edward Irvin Stearns Jr., 26, was charged July 29 in Canadian County District Court with first-degree rape (by force or fear).

Assistant District Attorney John Salmon alleges Stearns committed the felony crime “by the use of force” to “rape, ravish, carnally know and have sexual intercourse” with a female victim “against her will and consent.”

Oklahoma City Police investigated an incident that occurred Oct. 18, 2021, at a home south of Reno between Czech Hall Road and Mustang Road.

Canadian County District Judge Paul Hesse signed an Oklahoma City police investigator’s arrest warrant affidavit, which describes the alleged attack.

The detective interviewed the alleged female victim, who told him she had been friends with Stearns for one month before the incident.

Stearns reportedly had recruited the woman to be a bartender at a restaurant and bar.



The defendant first tried to kiss the victim while they were riding in a car headed to Yukon from a downtown Oklahoma City cantina and restaurant, the affidavit indicates.

The alleged forcible rape, inside a bedroom at the house, is detailed in the court document.

After Stearns fell asleep, the woman reportedly left and ran to a neighboring residence. Police were called to the scene.

The alleged victim participated in a sexual assault examination and an external swab came back positive for male DNA.

Stearns was scheduled to interview Feb. 17 at Oklahoma City Police headquarters. He did not show up.

Judge Hesse on Aug. 10 issued a warrant for Stearns’ arrest on the felony rape charge. Bond is set at $50,000.