Wiping out years of pain

Thera-lase treatments providing quick results

Rachel Hatfield was so impressed with the relief provided in Thera-lase treatments that she began offering them herself at Advanced MedSpa. (Photo by Michael Pineda)

By Michael Pineda
Staff Writer


For years, Rachel Hatfield woke up with discomfort. 

The aches and pains that come with a lifetime of activities were there to greet her every morning in the neck and shoulders area. 


Thanks to a referral from a client, Hatfield was able to take a leap of faith and try Thera-Lase treatment. The cold laser worked so well and made such a difference in her life, Hatfield decided to provide treatments at Advanced Regeneration Spa.

“I have clients who call it the magic machine,” Hatfield said. “That is the easiest way to describe it. 

“I went to a lady in Norman who had a machine and had her do a couple of treatments in my neck and shoulders area. They were always hurting me and I was surprised how much relief I got from it. So I went to find my own machine.”

Hatfield said she had experienced pain for a couple of decades and had reached the point where she would try anything. The cost was $50 per session and Hatfield decided to give it a shot.

“I felt better the next morning,” Hatfield said. “I felt better that fast. I was shocked. I would wake up with neck and shoulder pain pretty much for the last 20 years. I’m sure my job makes it worse, but its what I do.”

The way that it works is simple. The laser is held 12 to 14 inches away from an inflamed area. The laser treats the area for 45 seconds before moving it to another inflamed area.

“It penetrates up to six inches beneath the skin to where the nerve damage is, to where the inflammation is, to actually generate the circulation and the blood flow in that area to improve the healing process faster and it decreases the pain,” Hatfield said. 

Hatfield said she ended up doing three other treatments after the first. She will still do an occasional treatment after she performs a task that requires heavy lifting or similar exertion.


Following a treatment, the pain and tension are gone within a couple of hours.

“I’ve done knees, elbows, back pain, neck and shoulders, migraines and all kind of stuff,” Hatfield said. “I have never heard anybody tell me they didn’t get good results out of it. I treat a lot of people with plantor faciatis. It helps them too.”

Treatable conditions include:

* Acute and chronic pain

* Inflammation

* Scar tissue

* Post-operative conditions

* Soft tissue injuries

* Neurotherapy

* Wound care

* Sprains

* Migraines, etc.


Hatfield said the treatments work particularly well for those who are active and play sports. 

“One of my friends, I had her come over here because her foot was bothering her,” Hatfield said. “I told her it usually takes about three treatments. Just because I feel some people get great results out of one. But some take multiple, like over a two-week period, to get completely healed.
“She came in for her second treatment and she never came for her third. She said her foot just doesn’t hurt anymore. It kind of depends on the person. Some people’s body heals faster than others. 

“It all depends on your daily activity, what are you doing over and over.”

Hatfield said she has had clients that are concerned about possible pain that may come with the treatment. The treatment is quick, painless and comfortable with no side effects. 

“It doesn’t hurt at all, it just feels warm on your skin,” Hatfield said. “A lot of people think because it is a laser, it will hurt them, like laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is kind of painful and hurts, but this doesn’t hurt at all.

“I am personally anti-pain. I would not do it if it hurt.”

Treatments are $49 each or $125 for three treatments. Hatfield said she tries to encourage people to take all three treatments to ensure they get the results they are looking for. 

To book a treatment, call Hatfield at Advanced Regeneration MedSpa at (405) 850-1873. It is located at 1312 S. Morgan Road in west Oklahoma City. Treatments are conducted by appointment only.