Yukon citizens recruited for police academy

Eight-week program starts Sept. 27; offers 'inside view' of police work


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Yukon residents who participate in a series of classes this fall will learn first-hand the dangers and challenges police officers face.


The 2022 Yukon Citizens Police Academy starts Sept. 27 at the Yukon Police Department, 100 S Ranchwood.

“The reality is, our police officers are at risk and experience dangers every day,” said Wes McAtee, president of the Yukon Citizens Academy Alumni Association. “With all the negatives they are facing, our police are trying to help the citizens.”

The Yukon Citizens Police Academy will convene from 6-9 p.m. Tuesdays over eight weeks to learn what really happens in police work.

Yukon police officers teach classes in specialized areas. Capt. Chris Brugh is academy coordinator.

Highlights of the eight-week course are:

  • Touring the Yukon police station, including the jail, booking area and dispatch.
  • Visiting Midwest City’s police department to see a “shoot-don’t shoot” simulation machine.
  • Understanding how officers detect impaired drivers.
  • Seeing how the YPD uses a drone in accident investigations.
  • Watching a demonstration of the taser and defensive tactics that officers sometimes use to arrest a suspect.
  • Learning about the Yukon Police bike patrol and honor guard.
  • Participating in traffic stop simulations.
  • Getting behind the wheel of a police vehicle.
  • Hearing from members of the Canadian County tactical team at the police firing range.

McAtee, who works for Yukon Public Schools, completed the academy several years ago.

“We have a great time and it’s a lot of fun,” he said.

Yukon Citizens Police Academy alumni Randy and Cathy Reynolds register a bicycle during an event at the Yukon Police Department, 100 S Ranchwood. Anyone who completes the eight-week academy is encouraged to become active in the alumni association. (Photo provided)
Graduates of the 2021 Yukon Citizens Police Academy pose for a group photo with academy coordinator Capt. Chris Brugh (left) and Yukon Police Chief John Corn (right). Applications are now open for the 2022 academy that starts Tuesday, Sept. 27. (Photo provided)


Graduates of the Yukon Citizens Police Academy are encouraged to become active in the alumni association.

The YCPAAA supports Yukon Police during special activities like Rock the Route, Freedom Fest and Czech Day.

“We help take care of first aid, lost and found and things like, just to free the officers up a little bit more to protect and support the community at the event,” McAtee explained.

Police academy alumni help register bicycles so they may be returned to their owners if stolen or lost.

The group also purchases needed equipment for the YPD. Right now, they’re raising funds for 10 new AED (automated external defibrillator) devices.

“The community has really stepped up and donated,” McAtee said. “We have enough now to get six and we’re still raising money for four more.”

Each AED costs $1,818.75.

An annual fund-raising project is the sale of “We Support Law Enforcement” window stickers. These are $20 each.

Anyone interested in the 2022 Yukon Citizens Police Academy must apply and pass a background check to be accepted. Cost is $30. For more information, call (405) 350-5503.

Members of the Yukon Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association help Yukon Police during community events like Freedom Fest, Rock the Route and Czech Day. Here, the group provides manpower for a bicycle registration event at the police station. (Photo provided)