Development planned on Yukon ballfield property

Four office/warehouse buildings proposed at 301 S Yukon Parkway

Applicant Shane Swearingen is seeking City of Yukon approval to develop unplatted land at 301 S Yukon Parkway into four office/warehouse buildings. The 4.56-acre site now has a youth ballfield. As part of the proposal, Industrial Drive will be extended to S Yukon Parkway. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Plans call for property that now houses a youth ballfield to be developed into four office/warehouse buildings.

The Yukon Planning Commission, at its Oct. 10th meeting, recommended approval of a planned unit development (PUD) and preliminary plat at 301 S Yukon Parkway.


Applicant Shane Swearingen, of Yukon, is seeking City of Yukon approval to develop the undeveloped, unplatted land.

The 4.56-acre site, zoned C-3 (restricted commercial district), now has a ballfield backstop and trees in the northwest corner. The site is about 710 feet south of SH-66 on the west side of S Yukon Parkway.

The subject property is north of Skyview Office Park and south of the YNB East branch. Across Yukon Parkway to the east is the Sunrise Hills Addition.

“The developer has intentions of subdividing this into four lots,” said project consultant Warren R. Peacock, of Peacock Design. “So, each building will be on an individual lot.

“That’s just for future flexibility on (Swearingen’s) part if he decides to sell these or retain ownership.”

Peacock submitted a design statement, on behalf of Swearingen, for the proposed 301 S Yukon Parkway PUD.

Pending city council approval, the rezoning and PUD would allow a commercial and light industrial development.

“It’s going to be office/warehouse, like electricians (and) HVAC,” Peacock told planning commissioners. “There could be some small retail sales out of those offices to sell air conditioning systems or electrical products.

“It’s going to be that type of facility.”

The developer agreed to place an amendment in the PUD stating no cannabis-related business will be allowed.

“We’re not going to do cannabis,” Peacock emphasized.

The property would be divided into four commercial lots that “front” each other and share common parking areas.

The master plan shows building sizes ranging from 6,000 to 9,900 square feet.



As part of the development, Industrial Drive would be extended along the south boundary of the site and connect to S Yukon Parkway.

“All of our access will be off of that new roadway into the office warehouse,” Peacock said.

Industrial Drive now “dead-ends” on the west side of the applicant’s property.

“We will ‘tie in’ at that point and extend Industrial Drive east all the way to Yukon Parkway,” Peacock explained. “That will have access then off of Yukon Parkway, all the way through our property, and on into the industrial area to the west of us.”

No other access drives (“curb cuts”) will be permitted onto S Yukon Parkway.

Sidewalks would be provided along Industrial Drive and 10% of the site would be landscape, according to the proposal. Trees would be planted along S Yukon Parkway and Industrial Drive as part of the project.

The City of Yukon’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan designates this site as high intensity, designed for commercial uses like “big box” centers and other sales-tax producing businesses.

The proposed PUD for 301 S Yukon Parkway is consistent with the Yukon Comprehensive Plan and high-intensity designation, according to a city planning staff report.