New YPD traffic safety trailer sends message

Mobile radar unit deployed on Yukon city streets

Yukon Police will inform and warn motorists using this new message/speed radar trailer: From left, Maj. Matt Fairchild, Maj. Zach Roberson and Deputy Chief John Brown, with Michael Guinn of Stalker Radar. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Slow down!

Christmas light traffic.


Right lane only.

These are just some of the warnings and notifications that motorists will see from the Yukon Police Department’s newest traffic-safety tool.


The YPD has accepted delivery of a new message/speed radar trailer from the vendor, Stalker Radar. Cost was $17,268.

The speed of an approaching vehicle can be displayed on the 3-foot by 6-foot digital screen.

The mobile trailer does more than warn motorists, however.

“Direct messages can be programmed into it,” YPD Deputy Chief John Brown said. “Traffic data also can be pulled and programmed into it to show traffic patterns.

“If we have a two-lane road and have to close a lane, we can show drivers that lane is upcoming and closed. And it will tell them which way to go.”

The solar-powered trailer can fold up, making it easy to maneuver and move around as needed.

“We can place it at any location, including curb cuts of major streets,” Brown explained. “We can display it so that it has maximum exposure to the driving public.”

YPD officers were being trained this week to program and operate the trailer.

The unit will be deployed along all major streets in the City of Yukon, to include business and residential areas.

This message/speed radar trailer is better than the YPD’s previous trailer because of updated technology, according to Deputy Chief Brown.

“We can program messages,” he said. “If a certain speed is detected, it can display a message such as ‘Slow Down – You’re Speeding’.

“It can alert the driver to their actual speed in case they don’t know.”

Michael Guinn of Stalker Radar demonstrates how to program messages on the mobile message/speed trailer display: From left, Yukon Police Maj. Matt Fairchild, Guinn, Maj. Zach Roberson, and Deputy Chief John Brown. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)


Yukon Police will be proactive when deciding where to position the new mobile message/speed trailer.

“We’ll place it in areas that we know have high levels of traffic volume,” Brown added.

This December will be a prime example.

That’s when traffic will swell on several main streets around the Yukon City Park complex for the “Christmas in the Park” holiday lights tour.

Long lines of vehicles collect at peak times along N.W. 10th, Cornwell, Vandament, Holly, and Von Elm Ave.

“This will be displayed for Christmas light traffic to give informational messages to people visiting our city,” Brown said.

During the summer, the YPD mobile trailer will inform motorists which roads are closed for Yukon’s various special events.

“By owning our own trailer, we no longer have to rent similar trailers,” Brown added. “We not only can use it as a message board, it also can pick up speed and give us traffic analysis.

“So, we can leave it in a certain area and see traffic volume – and see who’s speeding.”