The “Wright” man for the job

Area banker has ties to Yukon

Tres Wright recently joined the Community National Bank of Okarche as a loan officer. He is passionate about helping others reach their goals, particularly in the agricultural industry and the youth involved in it. (Photo by Michael Pineda)

Tres Wright, a native of Missouri, attended Oklahoma State University, where he met his wife Kristen. The couple have settled in the Yukon area, where Kristen was raised. The couple have a daughter, Whitlee, who will turn two Sunday. (Submitted photo)




By Michael Pineda
Staff Writer


Tres Wright has only worked in Okarche for just over a month, but he already feels at home.


The new loan officer at Community National Bank of Okarche jumped at the opportunity to work in a small town with close ties to farming and ranching. It has been everything that he hoped for and more.

“It has always kind of been my plan to get back to the small town agricultural field,” he said. “Agriculture has been my passion since I was little, growing up on a farm. I was kind of raised on a cow/calf operation, so ag has always been in my blood.”

Prior to joining Community National Bank, Wright worked at First Liberty Bank in downtown Oklahoma City. His wife Kristen is a native of Yukon, and the couple has one daughter, Whitlee, who will turn two Sunday. 

Tres Wright, a native of Missouri, attended Oklahoma State University, where he met his wife Kristen. The couple have settled in the Yukon area, where Kristen was raised. The couple have a daughter, Whitlee, who will turn two Sunday. (Submitted photo)

Wright’s roots in agriculture come from his family, who had a cow/calf operation in Carthage while also doing some contract poultry work. He was active in both athletics and FFA in school. 

Upon graduation, he attended Northeastern Oklahoma A&M in Miami and earned an associates degree. He continued his education at Oklahoma State University, where he earned a degree in agribusiness. He also had the opportunity to be a part of Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Encounter. Through his years of earning a degree, he fell in love with the state of Oklahoma. He also fell in love with his wife, who he met at OSU. 

“I quickly learned Oklahoma is the place for me,” he said. “Like the song says, ‘If I ever get back to Oklahoma I am going to nail my boots to the ground.’ ”  

Professional journey

After graduation at OSU, Wright took a job with Arvest Bank in Yukon. Wright’s career path took a detour when his grandfather provided an opportunity to move back to Missouri and work on the family farm. 

“That is where, honestly, I had always had seen myself, is going back there,” he said. “Obviously, things didn’t work out the way anybody wanted them to.”

Wright still had a passion for the banking and financial industry from his two previous years in Yukon. He and his wife moved back to Yukon, where he eventually found a home with First Liberty Bank. 

“They gave me an awesome opportunity and they gave me an awesome amount of people that I got my face in front of,” Wright said. “I met a lot of people that I am going to be able to utilize in a lot of different areas.”  

Community National Bank of Okarche President and CEO Chris Walta reached out to Wright about a possible career change. Wright visited Okarche a couple of times and was sold on a new job. 

“It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up with my passion for agriculture and just a small town community where I feel like I belong,” Wright said. “The ag community is tight. Everybody knows everybody and everybody is willing to help everybody. That is another thing that I really like about Oklahoma.”


An Okie at heart

Wright’s fondness for Oklahoma and passion for agriculture go hand-in-hand. Asked what about Oklahoma was appealing, Wright found it hard to pin down on exact feature. 

“The people, the atmosphere, the overall agricultural base and support,” he said. “That is the biggest thing for me, especially with my passion for agriculture and youth. 

“Oklahoma’s FFA and 4H program is second to none. They support their kids better than anywhere I have seen. I really enjoy helping those kids with those projects and so forth. Like we always say, the kids are the future. The more we can help them now and develop them the better. These kids have the backing from government level all the way to hometown.”

As for Okarche itself, Wright described it as eye-opening. It is a place where everyone knows each other. Wright said he is working to become a familiar face and meet everybody.

“It is a small rural town, everybody knows everybody,” he said. “Word gets around fast. But the people are awesome. Everybody is super friendly. Heck, you go sit at the Tower on a Wednesday at lunch, people come up and introduce themselves and say, ‘hi.’ You can be talking to a complete stranger and by the end of lunch, you are best friends.”

New beginnings

For the Wright family, it has been an interesting 2022. Not only did Tres begin a new job, so did his wife. Kristen had worked as an office manager for Oklahoma Pediatric Care Center.  She has now joined Parrish Devaughn Injury Lawyers as a personal injury case manager. 

“She started the job a few months ago and she’s highly enjoying it,” Tres said. “We are enjoying where we are at.”

For Wright, his focus as a new loan officer is working for the client. That includes learning as much as he can about the client and what products Community National Bank can offer to help the client and their operation.  

The job is not one of those ‘sit behind the desk and shuffle paper’ jobs either. 

Wright describes himself as an open guy who likes to make friends and meet new people, especially farmers and cattlemen. Wright said he want do do what he can for an operation, whether it be financially or going out on the weekend and helping work cows. 

“It’s definitely one of those deals, you have to get your hands dirty, get your feet dirty,” he said. “Get out there and do it first hand. Agriculture it’s a little bit of book work. But it’s a lot of hands on, get out there, get your hands dirty and actually learn it firsthand.”

The bank services Okarche and surrounding areas. There is also a Fairview branch.  

“My goals here are to be familiar face in the community. I want to be the guy people can call and trust,” he said. “Be able to give them a confident and knowledgeable answer. Along with that, I have a passion for youth and agriculture – I want to be included and involved with the youth on any level that I can.”

History of helping

Along with his job in banking, Wright has a livestock production project that is Limousin-based. He said the cows are Limousin, Lim-Flex, and he enjoys being able to work within that breed and sell show projects. 

“It is definitely something that keeps me busy and I am definitely fortunate to have a lot of friends that help along the way,” he said. “That is their full-time job and we do a lot of exchange and help whenever I get a chance to slip down there. I am very fortunate in that aspect. I have a place to keep my cows and I know they will be taken care of.” 

Wright said he is looking forward to making himself available to the Okarche FFA program and helping on any level he can, whether it be helping with speeches or livestock.  

“I am already starting to help with some livestock projects at the Yukon FFA,” he said. “I have a couple of kids that bought some heifers from me this year. They have been dragging them to shows and caring for them, teaching what I have learned and kind of pushing it on to them.”

To meet Wright, visit Community National Bank of Okarche, which is located at 653 N. Main/Highway 81 in Okarche. He can also be reached at (405) 263-7491 or