Where do you really live?


One of the highlights from one of my favorite movies years ago offered the opinion that America is advanced citizenship, you gotta want it bad.

Sometimes, it feels that Yukon fits in that boat.


Newcomers have arrived by the thousands in Canadian County, many of whom believe they live in Yukon thanks to the post office. I get it. I was once one of those people. 

Fun fact, Oklahoma City, not Yukon, Mustang or El Reno is the largest city in Canadian County.

The home I was looking at when I moved to Canadian County was allegedly located in Yukon when in all actuality it was in Oklahoma City where I am trying to blend with my new community only to find out I missed it by about three miles. As luck would have it, I wound up in a house within city limits which I imagine allows me to find some measure of favor in Mayor Shelli Selby’s eyes.

Given the way the lines are set up, connections with Yukon can be somewhat blurry. There is what we will call the gold standard, residents who both live in Yukon and attend Yukon Public Schools or pay taxes to the school system. Their water, although partly supplied by Oklahoma City, is a Yukon utility. 

The next type of resident is one that attends Yukon Public Schools, had a Yukon post office address, yet lives in Oklahoma City. Their trash can is a different color, and they pay utility bills to Oklahoma City. As soon as you cross 10th Street, there you are in a whole different city, paying sales tax to another municipality. 


It can also be confusing when writing a story. Let’s say I am writing about a business on the other side of 10th Street that identifies as Yukon but in all actuality is in Oklahoma City. If you write the street address as Oklahoma City, someone might mail them a letter and then who knows where it will go. 

Maybe it would be simpler to associate that area as Oklahoma City/Yukon.

Lastly, you have the area that is listed as Yukon, located in Oklahoma City and placed within the Mustang Public School System. It would associate as Oklahoma City/Yukon/Mustang. 

It is important to note people that live in the three different areas can all get along and become great friends. It just helps if they do their shopping within Yukon city limits. 

I might have gotten ahead of myself when I said lastly. There was a special situation that came to light during recent city council meetings. A gentleman must have been observing some form of Festivus because he chose to use the meeting as an opportunity to air his grievances over the VA clinic in Yukon. The only thing is the city of Yukon has no authority with the clinic, nor does it fall within the scope of city operations. In other words, we are looking at something like Oklahoma/VA clinic. 

The issue took another turn as the difference between city of Yukon business versus Yukon businesses had to be explored. The matter was finally put to rest when Yukon Police Chief John Corn approached the gentleman and used some kind of Jedi mind trick to end the airing of grievances. 

Pretty impressive but what else would you expect from someone who associates as Yukon/Yukon. 

Michael Pineda is a staff writer for The Yukon Progress. He can be reached at michael@yukonprogress.com