Yukon patients find relief from chronic disorder

Exclusive treatment offered for peripheral neuropathy

Dr. Jeremy Maass welcomes patients suffering from weakness and pain in their feet and hands to come to Motus Health in Yukon for treatment of peripheral neuropathy, a chronic degenerative disorder The Okarche native owns the Yukon chiropractic clinic, 1612 S Garth Brooks Blvd. – Suite 115. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Patients are finding relief from a chronic degenerative disorder that affects many people ages 60 years and above.

Motus Health in Yukon has an exclusive treatment for peripheral neuropathy, which results from a problem with blood flow and nutrient delivery to nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.


Neuropathy often causes weakness, numbness, burning, and pain in the feet and hands. It can lead to ulcers, tissue damage and infections.

There are many causes, the most common being diabetes, chemotherapy, exposure to toxins, autoimmune diseases, infections, and traumatic injuries.

Medication can help with the nerve death and pain – but it doesn’t help with treatment.

“If you simply focus on what’s causing it in the first place, most of the time you can reverse that process,” said Dr. Jeremy Maass, owner and director of Motus Health.

“If we focus on how we improve blood flow, how we improve circulation, how we improve nutrients to nerves, and then stimulation to nerves, they get better – they regenerate.”

Motus Health, 1612 S Garth Brooks Blvd. – Suite 115, has a three-fold approach to treating peripheral neuropathy.

“Treatments in-clinic, we’re going to be looking at structural components – is there a joint problem or muscular problem that needs work done?” Maass explained. “Is there a compression issue somewhere? We do that through chiropractic or decompression.”
Specific therapies – electromagnetic impulse, cold laser and oxygen – are used in the clinic to stimulate nerve re-growth.

Home treatment also is offered. Patients use an infrared unit and specific type of electrical unit to stimulate blood vessel regrowth.



The last piece is to ensure the body is getting the proteins and nutrients needed to repair damaged nerves.

“We heal from the inside out – we look at things from a dietary and nutritional approach as well,” Maass said. “How do we get more blood flow? How do we get less inflammation? And how do you have the building blocks to make new tissues?”

By treating neuropathy from a structural, neurologic and metabolic standpoint together, the body starts healing.

Most of the time, Motus Health can reverse peripheral neuropathy … sometimes to a complete resolution.

Anyone who wants to begin their path to a pain-free life – with no surgery or addictive medications – is encouraged to call Motus Health at (405) 494-0165.