YPD buys five new vehicles

2023 Chevy Tahoes from Carter Chevrolet cost $41,704 each

John Brown

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Yukon Police is updating its fleet with new sport utility vehicles provided by a northwest Canadian County auto dealership.

The Yukon Police Department has acquired five 2023 Chevrolet Tahoes from Carter Chevrolet Agency of Okarche. Purchase price is $208,520.

The Yukon City Council recently approved the new vehicle purchase, using a state contract. The funds were included in the fiscal year 2022-23 capital budget.

The 2023 Chevy Tahoe police pursuit vehicles will be used by YPD officers to patrol city streets. They are designed for high-speed use.

These new SUVs will replace “vehicles in our fleet that are up to 10 years old,” Deputy Police Chief John Brown explained.

These new vehicles include safety enhancements that older patrol vehicles have not had.

“They will be outfitted with the latest technology and will have in-car mobile computers, safety gun locks and back-up cameras inside the vehicle for officer safety,” Brown added.

“Officers can activate the back-up camera while they’re stopped so they can see if anybody approaches from the rear.”

Each unit has Chevrolet’s new police package featuring a V8 engine, 20-inch steel wheels to provide more clearance for off-road driving and roomier seats because officers wear utility belts.

The $41,704 per-unit price does not cover the emergency equipment, which still must be installed before these vehicles “hit the streets” in early 2023.

Yukon Police were not able to purchase new units during the COVID-19 pandemic due to supply chain issues that affected auto dealerships nationwide.

“With the vehicle shortages across the United States, we were lucky to be able to take delivery on these vehicles,” Deputy Chief Brown noted.

“The vehicles have already arrived, so the next step is to have them built to our specifications.”

Yukon Police Chief John Corn recommended buying the five new Chevy Tahoe SUVs in a Nov. 15th memo to Yukon City Council members. The council unanimously approved the purchase at its regular meeting.

Three other new Chevy Tahoes, purchased by the YPD this summer and outfitted this fall, should be ready for patrol soon.

“They’ve been 100% completed,” Brown explained. “We just have to go through a quality inspection on them to make sure they meet our specifications as we had them ‘built’.”

The Yukon Police Department is updating its fleet with new Chevy Tahoes like this one purchased from Carter Chevrolet in Okarche. (Photo provided)


Meanwhile, Carter Chevrolet also will provide five 2023 Chevrolet pickups for other City of Yukon departments. Total cost is $211,441, also included in the FY22-23 capital budget.

Three three-quarter ton Chevrolet crew cab 4X4 trucks – for the water/sewer and park maintenance departments – are $41,111 each.

Two half-ton Chevrolet crew cab 4X4 trucks – for the Public Works and Animal Control departments – are $44,054 each.

Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams recommended city council members approve the new Chevy pickup purchase, which they did Nov. 15.