YPD offers tips to avoid porch piracy

Online holiday shopping season underway

As online holiday shopping begins, Yukon police officials are offering residents advice on how they can help avoid porch piracy. (Image provided)

As online holiday shopping begins, the Yukon Police Department is sharing eight ways that Yukon residents can help prevent porch pirates from stealing their packages.

  • Have your packages delivered to the home of a relative or neighbor who will be there to accept them.
  • Use the “ship to store” option, many times this will also save you on shipping costs.
  • Using a tracking number allows you to track your packages and notifies you when they will be delivered.
  • Request a “Signature Delivery Option.” This requires a signature when the packages are delivered and ensures they will not be left at the front door.
  • Request a specific drop off time and date when you will be home to accept your packages.
  • Arrange to have your packages held at the shipping service so you can pick them up.
  • If allowed, have the packages delivered to your workplace.
  • Use video surveillance devices to monitor your front door for package deliveries.

For more information, contact Yukon Police at (405) 354-2553 or ypd@yukonok.gov