Heading to the ‘next level’

El Reno company makes a mark with custom creations

From left, Garrett Simpson, Morgan Woolard and Kirby Woolard of Next Level Pergolas stand outside their new office and showroom in El Reno. The company just this week completed arrangements to obtain the space, which will help accommodate its expansion. (Photo by Traci Chapman)

By Traci Chapman
Managing Editor

Turning lumber into something functional and beautiful is a Next Level Pergolas specialty – and it’s something that has proven a success for the El Reno company.

That success has led to word of mouth referrals that mean Next Level is in high demand – and the growth of the firm just this week led to a new mile stone, as the company begins moving into its new office and showroom.

“We’re excited about it – it’s a big step and we’re looking forward to having it set up,” owner Kirby Woolard said. “It’s a big step for us.”

Kirby, along with wife Morgan Woolard and Garrett Simpson, comprise the Next Level Pergolas team. As the trio prepared for the expansion of its premises, they looked back at an enterprise that began as a part-time endeavor about two years ago.

“When we started out it was just me – I worked for a big company in Oklahoma City for about eight years,” Kirby said. “When I began I knew nothing – they taught me everything about this business from start to finish.”

Eventually, Woolard said he decided to go out on his own, with a goal of doing something different that would “stand out.” Next Level Pergolas was born as a part-time effort while he worked a full-time job – and then he chose to take a leap of faith.

“I decided I was just going to try this full-time, just take the risk,” he said.

Like her husband, Morgan Woolard worked a full-time job, in her case in the medical field for 11 years. She, too – more recently – decided to quit her job to contribute to the effort full-time. Garrett, who met Kirby while working for another company, joined Next Level about six months ago.


It’s an arrangement that has worked well, Morgan Woolard said.

“We all do everything – build, sales, all of it,” she said. “We have the trust between us, which is important.”

As the business has evolved, so too has what Next Level offers. In addition to their specialty pergolas, the company offers pavilions, decks, privacy walls, tv boxes, patio covers and much more.

“Basically any kind of wooden structure – also tables and outdoor furniture, pool-related coverings and things like that,” Kirby said.

Next Level works mostly in Western Redcedar wood, obtained from a supplier in southeast Oklahoma.

With their own sawmill, the company crafts all of the components of a particular project at its production facility, then assembles everything onsite.

An example of a custom pergola designed and built by Next Level Pergolas. The company stands out in the way it procures its materials and turns them into dimensional lumber and unique creations. (Photo provided)

“Everything is fully stained and cut – it’s like a puzzle once we get there,” Kirby said. “We have different rafter end cuts and a wide selection of designs in everything we do.”

“All of our pergolas are custom exactly to the person’s house, and all are cut into the eaves, pre-stained in the color of choice,” Garrett said.

As they move into their new office and showroom, Next Level is also preparing for a major event — the Oklahoma City Home and Garden Show, scheduled for Jan. 20-22, 2023.

“That’s always a good experience – we like meeting people and showing them all we can do,” Morgan said.

Next Level Pergolas’ new office is located at 1315 S. Shepard Avenue in El Reno. The company is open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and Sunday by appointment. For more information, call (405) 819-8827 or (405) 245-3004 or email Kirby Woolard at kirbyw05@yahoo.com.