Felon charged in apartment break-in, officer assault

Allegedly forced open front door, kicked Yukon police captain

Christopher Jon Seely

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A Yukon felon now housed at the Canadian County Jail faces a long prison term after being accused of breaking into an apartment and kicking a Yukon police captain.

Christopher Jon Seely, 42, was charged Dec. 13 in Canadian County District Court with first-degree burglary, assault and battery on a police officer, domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, obstructing an officer, possession of controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia, and domestic abuse.

The first three counts are felonies, the last four are misdemeanors.

This court case stems from a Dec. 6th incident at Yukon Heights Apartments, 633 W Vandament. Seely was booked that day into the Canadian County Jail after his arrest by Yukon Police.

Seely illegally entered an apartment unit by breaking through the front door intending to commit the crime of assault and battery, according to the charging document signed by Assistant District Attorney Rebecca Boyer.

The Canadian County prosecutor alleges Seely committed assault and battery on Yukon Police Capt. Christopher Brugh by kicking him in the leg after failing to obey the officer’s lawful commands.

The defendant allegedly intended to cause bodily harm to a woman inside the apartment – who he previously dated – by hitting the female victim over the head with a metal broom. He is further accused of biting the victim’s ear, causing injury.

Meanwhile, Seely was charged for having marijuana and a smoking pipe in his possession.

A preliminary hearing conference for Seely was set Dec. 23 before Canadian County Special Judge Khristan K. Strubhar.

Seely faces up to 35 years in state prison on the three felonies and up to four years in county jail on the four misdemeanors, along with fines totaling $8,000.

If convicted, the defendant’s sentence could be increased due to a previous felony conviction.

Seely was convicted on July 31, 2012, of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Oklahoma County District Court.

He pleaded guilty and was given a 10-year suspended sentence, except for the first six month to serve in the Oklahoma County Jail.

Seely also has a misdemeanor conviction after pleading guilty on Dec. 7, 2021, to unlawful possession of a controlled dangerous substance in Canadian County District Court.



Allegations against Seely are detailed in a probable cause affidavit signed by Capt. Brugh.

Brugh had been dispatched about 4:05 p.m. Dec. 6 to the Yukon apartment complex on a welfare check.

The officer found an apartment door had been forced open and the door frame was broken. He observed evidence of a struggle and damage throughout the apartment.

Police determined Seely used force to break the door frame and force the door open, then entered the apartment. He allegedly found the victim – who was hiding inside – and caused injuries to her head and cuts on her ear.

“Seely broke multiple items in the apartment to include the actual apartment owner’s phone, and door/door frame,” the court affidavit reads.

The defendant allegedly could not recall how the door was forced open and denied physically attacking the victim.

After being arrested, Seely was taken to the Yukon Police Department.

At the jail, Capt. Brugh reported that Seely was exhibiting behaviors “insinuating his intentions to become physically combative.”

“When I attempted to remove Seely from handcuffs he became combative, refusing commands,” the affidavit reads. “Seely grabbed my arm, pulling on it, while (I was) trying to control him.

“Once on the ground, Seely grabbed and tried to twist my leg, around my upper left thigh, as he said, ‘here you go bud’. During the altercation Seely began kicking, striking my leg, and causing an abrasion to my leg.”

While searching Seely’s property, police allegedly located about 21.3 grams of marijuana and one glass pipe.