Settlement reached in injured child case

Yukon Schools to pay parents $50k after lawsuit, court docs show


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – A civil suit filed by parents over injuries their child allegedly sustained at a Yukon school has been settled.

Canadian County District Judge Paul Hesse on Jan. 6 signed an order approving a compromise settlement between parents of the minor child and the Yukon school district. The defendant was ordered to pay the plaintiffs $50,000.

The settlement “is not to be construed as an admission of liability on behalf of the defendant but is made for the purposes of compromising the disputed claim,” the order reads.

The legal action was filed Dec. 6 in Canadian County District Court.

This case stemmed from an incident that occurred Nov. 29, 2021, when the child was “injured by another student” while attending daycare at a Yukon intermediate school, according to the petition.

The plaintiffs alleged negligence by the defendant school district in their lawsuit.

The parents appeared pro se and the district appeared by and through its attorney, Peter A. Erdoes, at a Jan. 6th court hearing. Both parties waived their right to a jury trial.



Judge Hesse, after hearing the evidence, signed off on the negotiated settlement totaling $50,000.

The agreement called for the district to pay the parents $30,000 “for all out-of-pocket medical bills and other expenses” they incurred on behalf of their child.

The other $20,000 was to be deposited on behalf of the minor in a bank – to be withdrawn only upon a court order or when the child reaches age 18.

Judge Hesse approved the compromise settlement “as being fair and in the best interests of the minor plaintiff”, the court order reads.

The parents were directed to file a dismissal with prejudice of their lawsuit after the district paid the settlement.