Highway 4 phase two due to start this spring

Yukon paving contractor offers $12.6M price; 3.2% below estimate

A section of State Highway 4 north from the Main Street intersection will be closed to traffic for up to 35 days when a contractor installs four new concrete lanes as part of phase two of the SH-4 project. Construction is due to start between mid-March and early June after the Oklahoma Transportation Commission awards the contract Feb. 6. (File photo)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A Yukon contractor has offered to build the second phase of the State Highway 4 project at a cost 3.2% below the engineer’s estimate.

Construction is expected the begin this spring – about two years after phase one was finished.

Schwarz Paving Co. submitted a $12,628,932.55 bid for a grade, drain, surface, and bridge project on SH-4 from SH-66 (Main Street) north past Wagner Road to the North Canadian River.

Four lanes of concrete will be installed at the signalized SH-66/SH-4 intersection extending north 460 feet.

“That’s around the first few blocks, going from State Highway 66 to the north where the Braums is,” Yukon city engineer Joe Davis said. “That’s going to be a four-lane section, with a dedicated left turn in the concrete section.”

This section of SH-4 will be closed to traffic up to 35 days during construction; with Wagner Road serving as an east-west detour route.

“It’s a better construction job if we don’t have traffic that’s driving up and down while we’re trying to pour concrete,” Davis explained. “Concrete takes a little bit more time to cure, similar to what you saw on Wagner Road.”

The contractor will earn a $20,000 daily incentive if reopening the road in fewer than 35 days.

The rest of the phase-two project to the North Canadian River will feature two, 12-foot lanes of asphalt with eight-foot shoulders (similar to phase one).

SH-4 will remain open to traffic during construction of the asphalt section. This phase has been designed to allow future expansion of the asphalt to four lanes.

A new reinforced concrete bridge at Wagner Road will be installed, replacing a smaller, load-posted bridge.

Project length is 1.95 miles.

Engineer Davis, of TEIM Design, updated the Yukon City Council on the phase-two project during a Jan. 17th work session.

“This is the long-awaited project we’ve had for 25-plus years,” Davis told council members. “So, it’s finally coming to fruition.”

Yukon Mayor Shelli Selby whole-heartedly agreed.

“This is a project that’s been long coming and we’re so thankful that it’s finally here,” Selby said.

The construction cost will be paid with an even split of federal and state funds, according to ODOT spokeswoman Lisa Shearer-Salim.

A new reinforced concrete bridge will be installed on Wagner Road just east of State Highway 4 during phase-two construction. Yukon’s Schwarz Paving Co. has submitted a $12.6 million apparent low bid for the 1.95-mile project; the Oklahoma Transportation Commission will award the contract Feb. 6. (File photo)


The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) opened contractor bids Jan. 12.

Schwarz is the apparent low bidder, submitting a price more than $400,000 below the engineer’s $13,043,800.90 estimate.

“Most of the jobs we’ve been seeing for the past year, year-and-a-half have been 10-15% over the engineer’s estimate,” Davis shared. “So, ODOT got a very good price on this project.”

Four other companies submitted bids, ranging from $13,999,863 to $14,965,764.40.

The Oklahoma Transportation Commission will consider formally awarding the project contract at its Feb. 6 meeting.

Construction of SH-4 phase two is due to begin between mid-March and early June.

“The ‘flex’ start date tells the contractor he has a window when he can get started,” Davis said.

Some 445 calendar days have been allotted for this second phase of SH-4 construction in Yukon city limits. This is about one year and three months.

“Hopefully by the end of summer (2024), the project should be close to being completed,” Davis added. “Again, it’s based on that flex start date.”



Highway 4 is being reconstructed in Yukon city limits between Main Street and Wilshire.

Since SH-4 is a state roadway, the project is under ODOT’s supervision.

Contractor Manhattan Road & Bridge in spring 2021 finished the $13.1 million first phase, between Wilshire and Wagner Road. This included a new bridge over the North Canadian River.

“That was a structurally deficient bridge that needed to be replaced,” Davis said.

This section also could be widened to four lanes when traffic warrants.

Phase two construction was delayed more than a year, first to allow ODOT engineers more time to finalize design plans and later because of utility relocation issues.

The City of Yukon was responsible for right-of-way acquisition and worked with ODOT to move gas, electric, cable, and water utility lines for the first two phases.

“It was a very extensive utility relocation project,” Davis pointed out.

A third phase of SH-4 construction, from Wilshire to State Highway 3 (N.W. Expressway) in Oklahoma City limits, will follow phase two.

Utilities are now being relocated and final design plans will be submitted soon for this final phase.