Lingo to manage new courthouse construction

Will help county commissioners ‘make great decisions’

Stan Lingo

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

EL RENO – As they did previously with two other large projects, Canadian County Commissioners have hired Lingo Construction to oversee development of a proposed county courthouse complex.

Commissioners, at their weekly meeting Feb. 13, voted 3-0 to approve an agreement with Lingo to act as construction manager for Canadian County’s future courthouse project.

Canadian County officials want to replace the existing county administration building, which is more than 60 years old. The county’s steady population growth is cited as a primary reason.

The proposal calls for Canadian County government administrative and judicial offices to be housed in a large, multi-level facility in the county seat. A location still must be chosen.

Stan Lingo, owner of Lingo Construction, explained his role in helping county commissioners through the construction process.

“As construction manager, we will assist in providing information for you to make great decisions,” said Lingo, a Canadian County resident. “That’s really our main job.”

Lingo will provide guidance as commissioners select a property and decide where to build the new facility.

“We will advise on the schedule, and how to sequence through renovation of existing properties and building of the new so (county departments) stay active during the process,” Lingo added.

Lingo served as construction manager for the Canadian County Expo & Event Center and has the same role in a renovation project at a new Canadian County Health Department site.



In promoting a new courthouse complex, Canadian County Commission Chairman Dave Anderson said he is “very comfortable” with the Lingo Construction team.

“This is an exciting time for me and many of you in the room to take a big step in the process, and that’s to bring Lingo on board,” said Anderson, the District 2 commissioner.

“We worked with Stan to build the expo center and he’s also managing the remodel project for the health department at the (former) Halliburton building. We’ve really had success with the projects that he’s involved in.”

Canadian County Commissioners will make the decision on what architect to select, also with guidance from their construction manager.

A four-person selection committee will provide input on which architects to interview (see related story).

Lingo will provide updated cost estimates throughout the design process as the architect’s drawings are completed.

This will allow county officials to “stay on track, budget-wise” as the project proceeds, he noted.

“In today’s climate of big fluctuations in material availability and pricing, we’ll give you advice as to when to order things early so they’re here at the proper time,” Lingo said.