Private roads named in unincorporated Canadian County

Assessor's GIS coordinator explains how new names are selected


By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Several private roads have been officially named in an unincorporated part of Canadian County.

From time to time, the Canadian County Assessor’s Office submits requests for Canadian County Commissioners to approve new road names in places preparing for development.

The latest request was heard March 27, when the commissioners approved a resolution authorizing the names Pond View Lane, Hadley Lane and Braxton Hill Lane for private roads in an unincorporated area of District 1.

“These are new roads,” said Joel Foster, GIS coordinator for the Canadian County Assessor’s Office. “(The owner) is selling off land in this area.”

Private roads like these are named for 9-1-1 addressing purposes.

“If a driveway is going to have three or more houses on it, we like to give it a name. … so that we can specify, more precisely, which house is which,” Foster told county commissioners.

“All we’re approving here are that these names can be used. We’re not taking over maintenance of the roads. We’re not owning the roads either. We’re just naming them so we can get addresses on those.”

New District 3 County Commissioner Tracey Rider asked about the process of naming a road in Canadian County. She liked the names proposed at Monday morning’s meeting.

The landowner is allowed to choose the name of a new road, but each must be distinctive to avoid any confusion.

“We have a few simple rules,” Foster explained. “They can’t be duplicates – we can’t have the (road) name already in use somewhere in the county.

“It needs to be easy to spell and easy to pronounce because it’s for 911. … We try to give people as much freedom as we possibly can.”



Canadian County has acquired a snow blower machine.

County commissioners on March 27 awarded a $16,150 bid from Boxer Equipment for a used snow blower machine in District 2.

Chairman Dave Anderson, the District 2 commissioner, called this a “good investment” to help clear county roads of large snowdrifts during heavy snowfall.

Last week, commissioners opened bids from three vendors.

The other companies submitted proposals for four new machines ranging from $138,850 to $186,411.

Boxer Equipment was the only one offering a used machine.

“A snow blower (machine) is not an item we would use a lot,” Anderson said. “Surprisingly, over the years that I’ve been here, we could have used one at least eight or 10 times.

“With that thought in mind, I don’t really feel comfortable investing in a new machine.”



Among other business at their weekly meeting March 27, Canadian County Commissioners approved:

  • Sale of two properties acquired at resale that will be placed back on the Canadian County tax rolls. Lone bidders were Stephen Diamantides LLC ($100) for Vernon Lot 41 Block 1 and Levi Posey ($1,209.98) for William Gillespie Lots 12-15 Block 10.
  • Resolution disposing of a Bomag reclaimer machine for District 2, a 2014 Ford Expedition for District 3 and an animal scale for the Free Fair department. These used items were sold in auctions.
  • Making a formal offer to purchase right-of-way on W Jensen Road in Calumet from the Whitnah Family Trust for an upcoming bridge project in District 3.
  • Resolution to declare as surplus and dispose of equipment for the Emergency Management department – including a generator, handheld radios, LED television, printers, microwave, vehicle camera system, and drones.

Canadian County Undersheriff Kevin Ward presented the weekly county jail report showing 209 inmates in custody with 177 prisoners at the El Reno detention center and 32 housed in other contracted counties.