YPS administrator leaving for Francis Tuttle post

Brunk has served 15 years in Yukon, last 10 as assistant superintendent

Dr. Jason Brunk has spent that past 10 years as an assistant superintendent for Yukon Public Schools. He has been named executive director of human resources at Francis Tuttle Technology Center. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

A veteran Yukon school administrator is leaving his post after accepting a new position at another district.

Dr. Jason Brunk, Yukon Public Schools’ assistant superintendent for human resources, participated in his final YPS Board of Education meeting on April 11.

Brunk will become the executive director of human resources at Francis Tuttle Technology Center in Oklahoma City.

Brunk has spent 28 years in education, with 15 of those in Yukon.

“I have been incredibly blessed to be welcomed to Yukon on three separate occasions,” Brunk said. “I’ll always be grateful to Shirley Tucker for giving me my first chance here in Yukon.”

This marks Brunk’s 10th year as YPS assistant superintendent. He previously served five years as an assistant principal at Yukon High School.

“I truly thought I would retire as a Miller,” Brunk shared. “Though I was born and bred a Mustang Bronco, I could not be more proud and more thankful to have spent 15 years with the Millers.

“Yukon Public Schools does public education as well as anyone in the state and I am super proud to have been a small part of it!”

Brunk’s successor as YPS assistant superintendent for human resources will be Diana Lebsack, now executive director of secondary education.

Brunk’s resignation is effective April 21.

YPS Board President Suzanne Cannon told the departing YPS administrator how much he’ll be missed.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do without you,” Cannon said. “I know Diana’s going to do a great job (replacing you).”

Cannon congratulated Dr. Brunk on his new administrative post.

“We’re really happy for you for that, but we’re sad for us,” she added. “So go forth with our blessing!”

YPS Post 5 Board Member Cody Sanders also credited Brunk for his dedicated service to the district.

“Thank you so much for the time you’ve put in,” Sanders said.



YPS Superintendent Dr. Jason Simeroth lauded Brunk for recruiting top-quality teachers and support staff in this rapidly growing school district.

“It’s incredible where we’ve come since we started,” said Simeroth, finishing his ninth year as superintendent. “We’ve grown thousands of students.

“Jason has always ‘sold’ Yukon. … always recruiting to make the human resources department of Yukon one of the best in the state.”

As Yukon’s assistant superintendent for HR, Brunk has lobbied for higher pay for the district’s personnel.

“He’s efforted in getting us from one of the lowest salaries in 6A in the state, to one of the highest in the state for our certified teachers,” Simeroth pointed out.

“He’s increased the quality of our staff. And he’s never been afraid to tackle the ‘hard stuff’ – ushering people out that aren’t serving the needs of the students. And that’s not an easy thing in public education.”