Four Yukon streets due new stripes

City council approves $161k for pavement striping

Ward 1 City Council Member Rodney Zimmerman hears an update from Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams on upcoming street striping and sewer line projects. (Photo by Conrad Dudderar)

By Conrad Dudderar
Staff Writer

Four well-traveled Yukon streets will get brand new stripes soon.

The Yukon City Council, at its April 18th meeting, approved pavement striping along:

  • Garth Brooks Boulevard from N.W. 10th to Vandament Avenue
  • Yukon Parkway from Ranchwood Boulevard to Wagner Road
  • Vandament Avenue from S Cornwell Drive to 1901 W Vandament
  • Shedeck Parkway from West End Pointe Drive to Health Center Parkway

Action Safety Supply Co. will perform the work, under state contract, at a cost not exceeding $161,659.78. This will be paid from the city’s capital budget.

“This is very much needed,” Yukon Vice Mayor Jeff Wootton said.

City of Yukon streets must be restriped regularly as the painted lines become worn due to traffic and weather.

In some priority areas, the striping is difficult for motorists to see.

Arnold Adams

City council members followed Yukon Public Works Director Arnold Adams’ recommendation to approve the upcoming street-striping projects.

“Approximately four years ago, we set out a five-year plan to stripe every street in Yukon,” Adams said. “We’re on the fourth year.”

Yukon city administrators were asked to “get a little more aggressive” in 2023 after citizen complaints about streets that need to be restriped, he explained.

Yukon’s current five-year striping plan will be substantially completed in four years.

“This will take care of the end of our five-year plan, and we’ll be able to start the plan over again next year,” Adams told council members. “There’s a few little ‘pockets’ that we’re not going to complete (this time) that we’re going to complete the first of next year.”

The Yukon City Council previously budgeted about $50,000 annually for street striping.

“Now, we need about $100,000 a year to get us where we need to be,” Yukon’s public works director pointed out.

A section of Garth Brooks Boulevard – from Vandament and Main Street (Highway 66) – will be striped separately.

This will be part of a $921,380 overlay project funded through a 2023 Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act (CRRSAA) federal grant.



Sewer line failures have prompted Yukon city officials to use more than $400,000 in federal stimulus funds to make needed repairs.

Brewer Construction Oklahoma will perform “pipe bursting” at four locations along five city streets:

  • 1804 to 1828 N Ridgeway – $71,336.90
  • 601 to 621 W Beam – $60,353.20
  • 209 to 219 Tanglewood Drive – $62,776.40
  • 301 Asbill to 906 S 2nd Street – $210,834.20

The City of Yukon is part of its American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) award to cover the $405,300.70 cost.

Brewer Construction will be paid through the City of Yukon’s 2023 concrete, asphalt, paving, drainage, water, and sewer contract.

Pipe bursting is done to limit how much residents’ back yards must be dug up to replace old, clay sewer lines.

“In these areas, there’s a lot of fences, storage buildings, trees, you name it, in these back yards,” Adams pointed out.

Sections of sewer pipe are replaced from manhole to manhole, he explained.

“They go down in the manhole and basically put what I call a ripper, or a destroyer, that goes in and bursts the pipe that is there,” Adams added.

“And it pulls a new poly pipe right in place.”